Inland aka Ed Davenport

Counterchange | Infrastructure NY | Maeve | Based in Berlin Germany


Inland aka Ed Davenport is a British DJ and Producer based in Berlin. A long-term love affair with intelligent, hypnotic and ecstatic shades of House and Techno led to his first releases in 2006. More than 10 years on Ed continues to pour his heart into what he does best; producing records, DJing and performing live, and running his Counterchange label.

As Inland, his output stands for purist, atmospheric club music with weight and soul; its feet firmly planted on the dancefloor, while its head scans the outer-limits for more experimental formations. The outcome is modernist electronic music that manifests itself as Techno. He performs Live and DJs
in clubs worldwide playing surging, visceral selections new and old. Inland productions have surfaced on Berlin’s Ostgut Ton, Counterchange, Function’s Infrastructure New York imprint and Boddika’s respected UK bastion Nonplus+.

In recent years productions under his real name are more rare, however releases like his acclaimed ‘Silver Walks’ EP on Mano Le Tough, Baikal and The Drifter’s Maeve label, or ‘Bloodchild’ on Steve O’Sullivan’s Mosaic only solidify Ed’s skills at constructing timeless, harmonically addictive club outings at slower tempos.


Forthcoming: Inland – Coriolis – Counterchange

Function/Inland – Colwyn Bay – Infrastructure New York

Ed Davenport – Silver Walks – Maeve

Inland – Wayfinder – Nonplus

Inland – Footstone / Sinker – Counterchange

Inland – Sca Fell – Ostgut Ton (Berghain 07 Part II)

Function/Inland – Odeon / Rhyl – Infrastructure New York

Ed Davenport – Bloodchild – Mosaic

Ed Davenport – Head Channel – Counterchange

Inland – Solstice EP – Counterchange

Inland – Nightfall EP – Figure SPC

Ed Davenport Presents Inland – Inland – Falkplatz

Ed Davenport – Counterchange LP – NRK

Ed Davenport – Take Heart – Figure SPC


The 9th release on Davenport’s Counterchange label will drop in June 2017 – Inland ‘Coriolis’ is out on 180g vinyl and digital, 30.06.17.

Always busy on the remix front, there are fresh Inland mixes out now for the likes of Slam on Soma, SHDW & Obscure Shape on From Another Mind, and more coming soon for He/aT on Prodigal Son and Hans Berg on UFO Station.


31 Aug Ankali, Prague
11 Aug Pornceptual at Alte Münze, Berlin
23 Jul Liasti, Mykonos
13 Jul Fico d’India, Salento
07 Jul Index, Dublin
25 May Griessmühle, Berlin
19 May TBA, TBA
12 May Disco Zwei, Mannheim
11 May TBA, TBA
27 Apr City Club, Augsburg
14 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
12 Apr Spacehall In-Store, Berlin
31 Mar Heimatlos, São Paulo
10 Mar Counterchnage x Away at About Blank, Berlin
04 Mar Jaded at Corsica Studios, London
02 Mar Mi Casa Su Casa, Bristol
17 Feb La Graviere, Geneva
10 Feb Minimum at Modul, Moscow
04 Feb Beach Road Hotel, Sydney
03 Feb Xe54, Melbourne
02 Feb Club 77, Sydney
21 Jan Berghain, Berlin
19 Jan Le Zoo, Geneva
12 Jan The Block, Tel Aviv
05 Jan Six Dogs Athens


23 Dec De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
16 Dec Meet Club, Cervia
15 Dec ELECTROCHOXX, Stockholm
02 Dec Bassiani, Tbilisi
01 Dec Deep Fried at About Blank, Berlin
03 Nov WERk at About Blank, Berlin
20 Oct Low Res NY at Secret Location, New York
23 Sep Counterchange at Nitsa, Barcelona
16 Sep Maeve at BLITZ, Munich
03 Sep Berghain, Berlin
31 Aug Maeve at The Block, Tel Aviv
05 Aug Sequence, Asuncion
03 Aug D-Edge, São Paulo
29 Jul Ruse x Dirty Epic, Los Angeles
22 Jul Gem Fest, Anaklia
15 Jul Veto Social Club, Ibiza
16 Jun Griessmühle, Berlin
25 May The Block, Tel Aviv
12 May The Block at Village Underground, London
21 Apr Wilden Renate, Berlin
14 Apr Synoid @ Griessmühle, Berlin
12 Apr La Graviere, Geneva
25 Mar Maeve x Village Underground, London
24 Mar Haus33, Nürnberg
18 Mar Tresor, Berlin
11 Mar Vurt, Seoul
10 Mar Korner, Taipai
04 Feb Fabric, London
28 Jan Sweat Lodge x Village Underground, London
21 Jan Romy S, Stuttgart
20 Jan Sweat Lodge x About Blank, Berlin
08 Jan Panorama Bar, Berlin


25 Nov The Block, Tel Aviv
18 Nov Berghain, Berlin
29 Oct Studio 76, Madrid
21 Oct Just This ADE, Amsterdam
20 Oct Arena, Berlin
15 Oct Tivoli, Dublin
05 Oct Boiler Room, Berlin
01 Oct Volt, Milan
24 Sep Counterchange at Village Underground, London
18 Sep Berghain, Berlin
17 Sep Goethebunker, Essen
15 Sep Sweat Lodge x The Block, Tel Aviv
13 Sep Bolier Room, Berlin
03 Sep Kyp Singapore
02 Sep Under9, Kaula Lampur
27 Aug Zukunft, Zurich
14 Aug About Blank, Berlin
27 Jul Tresor, Berlin
23 Jul Rebel Rebel, Rome
16 Jul Melt Festival, Gräfenhainchen
15 Jul Nitsa, Barcelona
09 Jul Dot, St. Petersburg
25 Jun Sugar Factory, Amsterdam
02 Jun Infrastructure NY in-store at Spacehall, Berlin
29 May Panorama Bar, Berlin
21 May Fabric, London
23 Apr Heidegluhen, Berlin
16 Apr BO18, Beirut
15 Apr Nitsa, Barcelona
09 Apr Bassiani, Tbilisi
08 Apr Indigo, Istanbul
02 Apr Gloss, Milan
17 Mar The Block, Tel Aviv
11 Mar Das Lokal, Wrocław
05 Mar Reaktor, Amsterdam
26 Feb Stereo, Montreal
13 Feb Die Rakete, Nürnberg
12 Feb Decadance, Gent
06 Feb Hangar, Pietrasanta
28 Jan The Block, Tel Aviv
24 Jan Berghain, Berlin
09 Jan Bunker, New York
01 Jan F8, San Fransisco


31 Dec KGB Gallery, Los Angeles
18 Dec Tresor, Berlin
12 Dec Drom, Paris
06 Dec Contort at OHM, Berlin
21 Nov Meet Club, Cervia
20 Nov Meetfactory ,Prague
07 Nov Signals at Musiktheater Bad, Hannover
01 Nov Berghain, Berlin
31 Oct Serum @ Skatehall, Osnabrück
14 Oct Out-ER at THT Workshop ADE, Amsterdam
03 Oct Rebel Rebel at Lanificio, Rome
26 Sep Torre Regina, Brindisi
05 Sep About Blank, Berlin
04 Sep Corsica Studios, London
22 Aug Afro Banana Festival, Cyprus
15 Aug District 8, Dublin
18 Jul Vurt, Seoul
17 Jul Heart Beat @ The Observatory, Ho Chi Minh City
15 Jul Koh, Bali
11 Jul Kyo, Singapore
09 Jul The Block, Tel Aviv
03 Jul PAL, Hamburg
20 Jun Coconut Bar, Barcelona
19 Jun BASIS, Utrecht
16 Jun Under Club, Barcelona
13 Jun Patterns, Brighton
23 May Liquid Club, Malta
21 May Experimental Live Set at OHM, Berlin
16 May Berghain, Berlin
10 Apr Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig
05 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
14 Mar Bloc, Minehead
27 Feb About Blank, Berlin
21 Feb Affekt Club, Frosinone
20 Feb Harry Klein, Munich
14 Feb Baalsaal, Hamburg
12 Feb Propoganda, Moscow
06 Feb Uberhaus, Beirut
24 Jan Berghain, Berlin
23 Jan Village Underground, London
03 Jan Berghain, Berlin
02 Jan Bootleg, Tel Aviv (night)
02 Jan Hansen House, Jerusalem (day)