AIR: Isolée

This month, I’m joined by German producer and live performer Rajko Müller, also known as Isolée. A veteran in electronic music, Rajko has always done things differently. Although perhaps best known for his 90s hit beau mot place, Rajko’s career has steadily chugged along, with albums like rest and we are monster earning him enduring critical acclaim and a laudatory name amongst his industry peers. Eschewing DJing for live performance and putting out only a few albums in total over the course of his career, Rajko’s path is perhaps untraditional, avoiding the spotlight in favour of the simple pursuit of tenacious, truthful music making. In this conversation, Rajko and I discuss his unique trajectory and life outside the music scene, its impact on his creativity, and, in the midst of it all, how his latest effort, Resort Island, has come to life. Isolée’s new album Resort Island is out now.