arch 0.2 selections: Justin Strauss

For the second mix of the arch selections series, we asked Justin Strauss to contribute a collection of his Electronics / Electro-Acoustic / Experimental inspirations.

“Mixes have always been a way for me to express myself. I started doing them at a very young age, way before my dj career got underway. I would make them for friends, girlfriends, and even for myself. They are a great way to share your music collection and your feelings. At this moment in time they seem more important to me than ever, since going out to listen to music has been put on hold. This mix was conceived as a non dance music mix, but I’ve never been one to conform to what that should or shouldn’t be. So feel free to get up and have a dance if it moves you. X” Justin Strauss. Photo by Nuphar Blechner @nuphar_blechner.

arch 0.2 16.09.20 Prince Charles. Live: Magna Pia, Mattheis, Merrin Karras + DJ Maryisonacid. Tickets via Inverted Audio.