arch 0.3 selections: Inland

As we approach the next arch event, we’ve asked the series’ co-curator Inland to present a mix of his Live Electronics / Electro-Acoustic / Experimental inspirations.

arch 0.3 / 11.10.20 / Prince Charles. Live: Amandra, Fred Mann, Perm + DJ Johanna Knutsson. Tickets via Inverted Audio

“I love functional (electronic) dance music, but given our current shipwrecked state, my attention is naturally drifting towards more abstract, meditational, experimental shores. This is a mix of some of my favourite records from outside of the box. It’s the music I think of when I try to describe our arch events to newcomers – expressive, sensitive, harmonic, swaying gently between ecstatic and melancholic. Complex synth arpeggios, sub bass and crystalline atmospheres. I’m so excited to embrace this side of electronic music more, and see where it takes us. ” Inland