arch selections: Antepop

Exploring every avenue of electronic dub, hazy catacombs of smoked-out ambience and summery IDM, Inverted Audio founder Antepop delivers our next arch podcast. In his own words, “this vinyl mix marks my first recorded mix in 8 months, my Technics had been in storage for way too long, but with an invite to record an ambient mix for arch and some recent new additions to my collection, I had to get them dusted off and spinning again.”

The British selector recorded the mix in a conservatory surrounded by plants in the heart of rural England. “I dug out some of the finest ambient and downtempo records in my collection and put them together with a lone listener in mind. This is not for the dancefloor, it’s to let the mind wander. I hope you enjoy listening to it.”

Join us for arch 0.4 July 9th at about blank berlin. Tickets via Inverted Audio.