Arcing Seas 07

Cassegrain, Alex Tsiridis & Hüseyin Evirgen, will release new work recorded alongside DJ Nobu, Tensal & Lady Starlight via their own Arcing Seas imprint in September.

Leaning towards the more heady, high octane end of the genre – the three track EP showcases the duo’s natural affinity for collaboration, maintaining Evirgen & Tsiridis’ characteristic finish and attention to detail, whilst providing ample space for the guests to properly colour the work.

CT01, alongside Tensal, marries caustic drones with a potent lead sequence to produce a perfect peak time roller; whilst CN01, with DJ Nobu, riffs on a more melodic, stepping approach – maintaining that same rousing energy, but with a more psychedelic bent. CLS01, the duo’s collaboration with Lady Starlight comes in at almost 11 minutes, an ambient Techno journey that warps and shifts organically across it’s extended run time – complete with beat-less intro and multiple segues that work to bind the piece and it’s different sections into one, cohesive narrative.

Effective and impeccably produced – but with a keen ear for new & exciting sonics within the genre – this first collaborative outing proves an enviable addition to the duo’s already impressive discography.