• Labels Soft Spot / Buttercup
  • Based Hannover, Germany
  • Links SoundCloud Instagram Resident Advisor

Bennet’s mixes merge the sounds of oldskool house, early progressive house and trance, as well as breaks and early rave hymns. However, across the board, they always return to the dancefloor’s utopian notions of togetherness, unity, and the political dimensions of the body. Bennet is also part of the Hannover-rooted DJ collective, soft spot. The group was founded in 2019 by queer and FLINTA people and seeks to support queer-feminist politics on and off the dance floor.

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31 Aug TBA, TBA (DE)
25 Jul TBA, TBA (DE)
14 Jul TBA, TBA (FR)
13 Jul TBA, TBA (DE)
30 Jun Fusion, Larz
29 Jun Tender Pride Block Party, Dublin
31 May Service at DUQO, Leipzig
25 May MS Treue, Bremen
18 May non-optimized at Pumpenfabrik, Aachen
11 May Festimi at Lofi, Amsterdam
01 May OXI, Berlin
12 Apr Off The Grid, Nijmegen
20 Apr Festival 212°, Fribourg
31 Mar TBA, Berlin
31 Mar Listen Festival, Brussels
02 Mar objekt klein a, Dresden
10 Feb The Grand Galaxy Show at Jaki, Köln
20 Jan Syntop at ://about blank, Berlin
01 Jan Adonis, London


15 Dec Buttercup at Mjut, Leipzig
09 Dec Hypersoft at OXI, Berlin
08 Dec Bronco’s, Hannover
02 Dec Spedition, Bremen
01 Dec BUTTS (OOST), Groningen
17 Nov Weltspiele, Hannover
11 Nov Objekt Klein A, Dresden
27 Oct Neue Welle, Leipzig
07 Oct Golden Pudel, Hamburg
30 Sep Weltspiele, Hannover
23 Sep Off Location, Hannover (b2b DJ Sweet6Teen)
18 Sep Kiosk Radio, Brussels
17 Sep Gay Haze, Brussels
16 Sep Into the woods, Amersfoort
16 Sep Kopjek festival, Groningen
14 Sep Watergate, Berlin
09 Sep Südpol, Hamburg
02 Sep Tarmac Festival, Leipzig
26 Aug Heinz Sommer Open Air, Münster
19 Aug Good2u Festival, Görlitz
12 Aug Body Language, Berlin
28 Jul Traumburg festival, Magdeburg
28 Jul Kulturhafen, Hannover
22 Jul Lofi, Amsterdam
15 Jul Freud Club (Pride), Frankfurt
07 Jul Gewölbe, Cologne
01 Jul Watergate, Berlin
27 Jun Pride, Hannover
24 Jun Weltspiele, Hannover (b2b Dasco)
17 Jun Charly, München
02 Jun Fösstival, Hannover
27 May Weltspiele, Hannover
26 May Strobe, Breda
20 May Rosa, Greifswald
13 May Glocke, Hannover
30 Apr Weltspiele, Hannover
07 Apr Doornroosje, Nijmegen
25 Mar ZFK, Bremen
17 Mar Bronco’s, Hannover
08 Mar OHM, Berlin
04 Mar Mjut. Leipzig
11 Feb Zur Klappe, Berlin
28 Jan Weltspiele, Hannover
12 Jan Bronco’s, Hannover