• Labels Delsin Records, Tresor Records, Tiercel
  • Based Berlin, Germany
  • Links Facebook SoundCloud Instagram Resident Advisor Discogs

Having released on such acclaimed labels as Delsin, Tresor and Rush Hour it’s clear BNJMN has a knack for making music that stands out and at the same time works on the floor. Not only this, he is fast becoming known as one of the most unique DJ’s on the scene – seamlessly blending ambient, hypnotic, sci-fi Techno and beyond, all with the signature BNJMN sonic vision. After refining his sound year on year since his debut breakthrough album in 2011, the discography of the Berlin-based Brit continues to evolve; never staying the same and continuing to surprise. 2019 saw him release his second EP for the Bright Sounds imprint entitled “Sensei”, along with a full ambient release on his Tiercel label. He has also recently contributed to the Inveins and Deep Space Helsinki podcast series; as well as wowing audiences with his updated live show.

20 May Renate, Berlin
12 Apr Aeden, Berlin
09 Apr Golzheim, Düsseldorf
18 Mar Poündak Project, Jerusalem

01 May Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt

19 Aug arch 0.1 at Prince Charles, Berlin
25 Jan Renate, Berlin

14 Dec Lantern, Beijing
13 Dec The Window, Guangzhou
06 Dec Live at About Blank, Berlin
08 Nov Zur Klappe, Berlin
05 Nov Suicide CIrcus, Berlin
28 Sep Tresor, Berlin
13 Sep Alphabet, Tel Aviv
12 Sep Pergamon, Jerusalem
23 Aug Griessmuhle, Berlin
25 Jul Wilden Renate, Berlin
02 Jul Suicide Circus, Berlin
14 Jun Tresor, Berlin
05 Jun Cyber Forest Festival, Izmir
01 Jun Rote Sonne, Munich
05 Apr Live at Griessmuehle, Berlin
30 Mar Suicide Circus, Berlin
23 Mar Beton Brut, Seoul
16 Mar The Observatory, Saigon
08 Mar Loopy, Hangzhou
22 Feb Live at IfZ, Leipzig
10 Feb Suicide Circus, Berlin
19 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin


30 Nov About Blank, Berlin
10 Nov Distillery, Leipzig
03 Nov Die Sekte at Tempio Del Futuro Perduto, Milan
19 Oct Alphabet, Tel Aviv
05 Oct Tresor, Berlin
24 Aug Suicide Circus, Berlin
18 Aug Griessmuehle, Berlin
20 Jul Tresor, Berlin
01 Jun Darkroommafia at Suicide Circus, Berlin
21 Apr Wilden Renate, Berlin
06 Apr Alphabet, Tel Aviv
24 Mar Beton Brut, Seoul
23 Mar Oil, Shenzhen
22 Mar Elevator, Shanghai
17 Mar Polygon, Berlin
09 Mar Griessmuhle, Berlin
20 Jan About Blank, Berlin
06 Jan Tresor, Berlin


01 Dec About Blank, Berlin
24 Nov Pride Of Gombe x Rye Wax, London
10 Nov Tresor, Berlin
06 Oct PAG at Alphabet, Tel Aviv
30 Sep Fabryka Dywanow, Zielona Gora
23 Sep Counterchange at Nitsa, Barcelona
16 Sep K4, Szczecin
25 Aug Be Uncensored, Thessaloniki
17 Aug IPSE, Berlin
12 Aug Nothing But Techno, Dallas
06 Aug Motion, Asuncion
05 Aug Sequence Club, Asuncion
30 Jul Chalet, Berlin
29 Jul Autonomes Zentrum, Cologne
16 Jun Griessmuhle, Berlin
03 Jun Wilden Renate, Berlin
21 Apr TBA, Amsterdam
14 Apr Beate Uwe, Berlin
31 Mar Alphabet, Tel Aviv
07 Mar Suicide Circus, Berlin
10 Feb Tresor, Berlin
13 Jan Tresor, Berlin


10 Oct Tresor, Berlin
09 Sep Lost Panda, Tel Aviv
26 Aug Griessmuhle, Berlin
30 Jul Pal, Hamburg
23 Jul Autonomes Zentrum, Cologne
26 May Wilden Renate, Berlin
20 May Le Batofar, Paris
30 Apr Culture Box, Copenhagen
01 Apr Pickle Factory, London
04 Mar Ipse, Berlin
23 Jan Griessmuhle, Berlin
16 Jan XXX, Leipzig