• Labels Live at Robert Johnson | Klinika Musik
  • Based Frankfurt, Germany
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Born in 1988, music in a diverse array of forms was an enduring backdrop for Horkheimer’s youth. Beginning by listening to punk rock, while years of riding bmx and the early 2000’s with a lot of rap and hip hop. Horkheimer started to get into the electronic music thing by his former roommate, who introduced him to house and techno music and showed him slightly the way into deejaying.

Horkheimer is spanning a wide-ranged style of techno in his Dj-sets, from dub and deep to hi-hat-driven grooves or even spaced-out electronica. Dj-ing took him from Frankfurts AMP Bar, Offenbachs Robert Johnson, IFZ, Staub at Berlins ://about blank to New Yorks Bossa Nova Civic Club. Besides djing Horkheimer is also one part of the duo Форм with Aleksei Maier, the first release came via 2020 released Lifesaver 4 Compilation on Live at Robert Johnson and few more to be out in a not so far future.

2018 Klinika Musik was founded in cooperation with photographer and graphic designer Florian David and came up with its first release, the label is focused on the darker side of electronic music and it’s interested in different styles.

In January 2020 Horkheimer started working as A/R for Live at Robert Johnson, the in-house label of the well-known Offenbach nightclub in cooperation with Ata.

27 Apr Silbergold, Frankfurt
01 Apr Bar Charlie, Munich
26 Mar Sunday Sunday, Mexico City
25 Mar Funk, Mexico City
19 Mar Sunday Sunday, Queretaro
17 Mar TOPAZdeluxe, Monterrey
10 Mar Robert Johnson, Offenbach
04 Mar ://about Blank, Berlin
17 Feb Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt
28 Jan Bar Romantica, Stuttgart


16 Dec Robert Johnson, Offenbach
04 Nov Fuse, Brussles
21 Oct Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt
23 Sep Robert Johnson, Offenbach
03 Sep Night Tales, London
01 Sep Silbergold, Frankfurt
26 Aug Renate, Berlin
23 Jul Robert Johnson, Offenbach
10 Jul ELSE, Berlin
12 Jun Melt, Ferropolis
20 May Tempio del Futuro Perduto, Milan
07 May Charlie, Munich
06 May Shelter, Amsterdam
23 Apr Bar Romantica, Stuttgart
31 Mar Silbergold, Frankfurt
19 Mar Robert Johnson, Offenbach

30 Oct Galerie Kurzweil, Darmstadt
23 Oct Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt
09 Oct LARJ at Sommerbau, Frankfurt
17 Sep Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt
03 Sep And You? at About Blank, Berlin
28 Aug Galerie Kurzweil, Darmstadt
27/29 Aug Staub Festival, Spandau
15 Aug Riotvan and Live at Robert Johnson at Objekt Klein A, Dresden
07 Aug Finissage Party at Art Biesenthal, Berlin
06 Aug Elements at About Blank, Berlin