• Labels Frau Blau, Innervisions, Live at Robert Johnson
  • Based Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Links Facebook SoundCloud Instagram Resident Advisor Discogs

After a half a decade of constant touring and producing, it’s safe to say Kadosh’s growth has been truly remarkable. Yet he remains deeply rooted in the underground values of the city of Tel Aviv, where for years he fine-tuned what he felt was the truest form of forward-thinking house & techno music.

These days he regularly crisscrosses the globe playing at some of the planet’s leading spots. A typical weekend can be Blue Marlin in Ibiza, Nitsa in Barcelona, Fabric in London or Watergate in Berlin. The Americas have swiftly fallen under his spell as well, with LATAM playing host to his dancefloor wizardry on a regular basis. Having seen him play some major south American clubs and festivals like SXM in the Caribbean and Bar Americas in Mexico.

In between it’s Frau Blau Music, his own imprint, which is constantly breaking new ground with a steady flow of releases while holding label nights at choice locations around the world. His “Kadosh Invites” events, meanwhile, continue to expand and create memorable nights with his favorite artists.

Kadosh’s studio output has been steady and top notch, with a string of EP’s, remixes and collabs on a slew of acclaimed labels such as Innervisions, Disco Halal, Watergate and Live at Robert Jonhson, to name but a few. In 2023 he also released his debut album on Stil vor Talent, including collaborations with Rodriguez Jr. and soul legends Stereo Mc’s, amongst others. It was a varied and eclectic affair, showcasing his consistently versatile approach.

Kadosh’s journey is a reminder that success in the music industry is not merely about talent, but also about perseverance and dedication. His story remains a shining example of the transformative power of electronic music and the unlimited possibilities facing an artist who dares to chase his dreams.

21 May HQ, Singapore
11 May Fuse, Lisbon
09 May Watergate, Berlin
30 Apr Fridas Pier, Stuttgart
06 Apr Azul, Limassol
30 Mar BEAT, London
22 Mar Go Ten, Luxembourg
20 Mar Kommä at Mirrage
17 Mar SXM, St Martin
15 Mar ĀtomoBar, San Pedro Garzs García
14 Mar Bar americas, Guadalajara
08 Mar Disco Radar, Aguascalientes
07 Mar Vagalume, Tulum
24 Feb KESH, Limassol
09 Feb Zukunft, Zurich
03 Feb Moon, Warsaw
13 Jan King David, Tbilisi
05 Jan Studio Club, Malaga


15 Dec Kesh, Limassol
10 Dec Dybbuk, Athens
09 Dec Picnic+1, Nicosia
31 Oct Tero, Waterloo
28 Oct Hive, Zurich
27 Oct Kater Blau, Berlin
07 Oct Backyard Secrets, Ankara
06 Oct Maze, Tel Aviv
29 Sep Maze, Tel Aviv
24 Sep Family Piknik, Paris
23 Sep BEONIX, Pyla
22 Sep BEONIX, Pyla
21 Sep Iris, Dubai
15 Sep Klein Garten, Istanbul
09 Sep Maya Beach, Massa Lubrense
02 Sep Amor Por Favor, Athens
31 Aug TO:GATHER, Tel Aviv
19 Aug Fabric, London
18 Aug Klein Sommer, Cesme
28 Jul Plano B, Porto
27 Jul BOR, Tel Aviv
22 Jul KESH, Limassol
20 Jul Maze, Tel Aviv
30 Jun Watergate Night, Tel Aviv
25 Jun Arcadia Open Air, Waterloo
24 Jun 4loft, Baku
23 Jun Terrace Orbeliani, Tbilisi
18 Jun Fsuperclub, Bangalore
17 Jun Xora, Hyderabad
16 Jun Baardos La Citta, Delhi
10 Jun Blue Marlin, Ibiza
02 Jun KESH EXtra, Limassol
26 May ELSE, Berlin
20 May Boat Party, Tivat
19 May Slippers, Tel Aviv
13 May Klein, Istanbul
12 May TO:GATHER, Tel Aviv
05 May Kowalski, Stuttgart
30 Apr Seehaus, Hamburg
29 Apr River Kings, Paris
28 Apr Pacha, Munich
27 Apr Forum, Beer Sheeva
25 Apr Slippers, Tel Aviv
14 Apr Panorama Building, Tel Aviv
08 Apr KESH, Limassol
07 Apr Boidem, Haifa
06 Apr Art Club, Tel Aviv
24 Mar 04, Haifa
23 Mar Forum, Beer Sheeva
18 Mar Bar Americas, Guadalajara
17 Mar Disco Radar, Aguascalientes
16 Mar Vagalume, Tulum
12 Mar SXM Festival, Saint Martin
09 Mar Slippers, Tel Aviv
06 Mar Selina, Kineret
02 Mar Forum, Beer Sheeva
25 Feb Hive, Zurich
17 Feb TO:GATHER, Tel Aviv
16 Feb Maze, Tel Aviv
11 Feb Aether, Budapest
04 Feb KESH, Limassol
03 Feb Ratzif, Tel Aviv
27 Jan Musikbunker, Aachen
26 Jan Maze, Tel Aviv
14 Jan Reunion at Bedford Square, London
12 Jan Slippers, Tel Aviv
06 Jan Art Club, Tel Aviv


24 Dec Soul Beach, Dubai
23 Dec Maze, Tel Aviv
22 Dec TO:GATHER, Tel Aviv
16 Dec Nitsa, Barcelona
10 Dec KESH, Limassol
01 Dec Slippers, Tel Aviv
26 Nov Voice from the Lake, Atitilan
25 Nov Bar Americas, Gudalajara
24 Nov MIA, Tulum
19 Nov The Sanctuary, Rome
17 Nov BOR, Tel Aviv
12 Nov Klein, Istanbul
04 Nov Pacha, Munich
29 Oct Solong, Baku
27 Oct Slippers, Tel Aviv
22 Oct KESH, Limassol
21 Oct Cabaret Eden, Ulm
15 Oct Ritter Buzke, Berlin
08 Oct Dornheim, Würzburg
07 Oct Luna, Kiel
01 Oct Breakfast Club, Tel Aviv
27 Aug KESH, Limassol
21 Aug ELSE, Berlin
19 Aug Auberge, Lugano
13 Aug Family Piknik Festival, Montpellier
05 Aug Kowalski, Stuttgart
26 Jul OPIA, Mykonos
23 Jul From Hertz With Love Festival, Mostar
21 Jul Iris, Dubai
17 Jul Royal Orchid, Bangalore
16 Jul Block 22, Hyderabad
15 Jul Casa Danza, Delhi
09 Jul Rhinos in Space, Hedera
07 Jul Forum, Beer Sheeva
25 Jun Kater Blau, Berlin
23 Jun Mirage Records at Casa Luna, Paris
18 Jun Kesh, Limassol
17 Jun Klein, Istanbul
16 Jun Slippers, Tel Aviv
11 Jun Antik, San Jose
10 Jun Casa Cobra, Guadalajara
04 Jun Selina, Venao
03 Jun Confessions, Tulum
02 Jun Bar Oriente, Mexico City
27 May Pacha, Munich
21 May Cabaret Eden, Ulm
19 May Slippers, Tel Aviv
12 May TO:GETHER, Tel Aviv
05 May The Block, Tel Aviv
30 Apr Forum, Beer Sheeva
29 Apr The Block, Tel Aviv
21 Apr Grounded Festival, Sinai Peninsula
17 Apr Raahi, Bangalore
16 Apr Block 22, Hyderabad
15 Apr Glory, Goa
09 Apr Kesh, Limassol
01 Apr Aether, Budapest
26 Mar The Sanctuary, Rome
26 Feb Kesh, Limassol
21 Jan Klein, Istanbul