• Labels Kann
  • Based Leipzig, Germany
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Manamana is the longstanding Leipzig-based DJ duo of Sevensol & Map.ache. A team since 2007, both select and mix all manners of dance music from the past, present and future, leaving a lasting impression on music lovers, movers and shakers. Sevensol & Map.ache run the label KANN & sub-label Mana All Nite, producing music, throwing parties since time immemorial and are the long-time residents of the cherished Nachtdigital Festival.

20 Aug Another Love Story, IE
18 Aug Waking Life, Carto
04 Jun Fancy, Leipzig
30 Jul Escape to Olganiz, DE
28 May Planet Paradigm, Groningen
30 Apr Heideglühen, Berlin
17 Apr Fitnesa Oase, Leipzig
14 Apr OXI, Berlin
26 Mar Distillery, Leipzig

16 Oct Distillery, Leipzig
20 Aug Aware Festival, Werneuchen

15 Aug OXY Open Air, Berlin
19 Jun OXY Garden, Berlin
13 Feb IfZ, Leipzig
08 Feb Fancy, Leipzig
18 Jan About Blank, Berlin

01 Nov Zur Klappe, Berlin
22 Nov About Blank, Berlin
10 Nov Conne Island, Leipzig
26 Oct Salon Hansen, Lüneburg
16 Oct Radio Radio, Amsterdam
02 Oct Griessmühle, Berlin
21 Sep Fuse, Brussels
24 Aug Heideglühen, Berlin
02 Aug Nachtdigital, Cavertitz
26 Jul Badabaum, Paris
12 Jul Wildeburg, Kraggenburg
07 Jul Panorama Bar, Berlin
14 Jun STARU, Leipzig
09 Jun De Zon, Amsterdam
01 Jun Kauz, Zurich (night)
01 Jun Lighthouse Festival, Tar (day)
20 Apr Fernwerk, Berlin
16 Mar 12 Years Beatrausch at About Blank, Berlin
16 Feb IfZ, Leipzig
19 Jan Sweat Lodge 12 x Blank at ://about blank, Berlin


15 Dec Zur Klappe, Berlin
24 Nov KANN ’til it’s KANN at ​Conne Island, Leipzig
03 Oct M a n a m e n t a at Monumenta, Leipzig
30 Sep Brüxsel Jardin X Kann at ​Au Quai, Brussels
27 Sep Common Cause at ​Golden Pudel, Hamburg
22 Sep Noorderling, Amsterdam
21 Jul Giegling at ​Odonien, Cologne
15 Jul Kann Garden x Family Horror at ​://about blank, Berlin
07 Jul ​objekt klein a, Dresden
27 Jun Fusion Festival at ​Airfield Lärz
22 Jun Kann Garden at ​Conne Island, Leipzig
09 Jun ​De School, Amsterdam
09 Jun Somedate Open Air, Thuringia
26 May KANN at ​Control Club, Bucharest
20 May Giegling Weekender at ​Thuishaven, Amsterdam
19 May Kann at ​Robert Johnson, Frankfurt
04 May Ankali x Kann at ​Ankali, Czech Republic
14 Apr Multisex at ​OHM, Berlin
06 Apr Gold Life at ​Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig
24 Mar La Piscine № 6 at ​Badhuesli, Basel
03 Mar Blank Generation at ​://about blank, Berlin
27 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin
01 Jan objekt klein a, Dresden