• Labels Hivern Discs, Nitsa Traxx
  • Based Barcelona, Spain
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A music journalist since 1994 and DJ since ’97, Marc began playing records at the legendary Nitsa Club (Barcelona) in 1999, becoming a mainstay resident since then.

After more than two decades playing extra long sets and state of the art warm-ups for the biggest names in the game he eventually decided not to fit into any particular style and embraced a chameleonic way of DJing which enables him to swing comfortably between genres, ultimately being able to play almost any kind of music or venue without compromising the quality of his sets —a rare ability nowadays.

While being “simply” a resident DJ might seem not that cool today, this is how Marc learned to make smooth transitions between very different acts and able to maintain the energy of the dance floor while keeping the ego in check and focusing in the crowd. Marc believes that adapting to the environment while also taking the crowd by surprise is one of his biggest assets.

After many years focused solely on DJing and refining his technique and style to the highest standards, Marc stepped forward into production, becoming involved with John Talabot’s label Hivern Discs, where he releases his own productions. In addition, he’s been busy producing a wide array of remixes (The xx, Colder, Save! and many more) and with C.P.I., his project with Hugo Capablanca where he’s been able to explore in a more experimental direction fusing leftfield, trance, electro or new beat.

With his name finally getting the recognition it deserves outside his native Spain, Marc plays at some of the world’s top clubs, including Panorama Bar, Lux, Robert Johnson, Trouw, and Space Ibiza, to name just a few.

29 Oct TBA, TBA (Hunduras)
21 Oct TBA, TBA (Mexico)
20 Oct TBA, TBA (Mexico)
10 Sep Nitsa, Barcelona
08 Jul Nitsa, Barcelona
17 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
16 Jun Slippers, Tel Aviv
03 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
03 Jun Primavera Sound, Barcelona
19 May IBOAT, Bordeaux
08 May Nitsa, Barcelona
09 Apr Nitsa, Barcelona
25 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona
05 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona
04 Mar Oven Club, Valencia

17 Dec Opium, Vilnius
12 Nov Nitsa, Barcelona
22 Oct Nitsa, Barcelona
02 Jul Nitsa, Barcelona
26 Jun Halley Club, Barcelona

15 Feb Razzmatazz, Barcelona
14 Feb Electrona Club, Girona
08 Feb Nitsa, Barcelona
01 Feb Nitsa, Barcelona
25 Jan Nitsa, Barcelona
10 Jan Nitsa, Barcelona

31 Dec Nitsa, Barcelona
31 Dec Rachdingue, Gerona
21 Dec Nitsa, Barcelona
14 Dec Nitsa, Barcelona
07 Dec Urban Jungle at Casa Gracia, Barcelona
23 Nov Nitsa, Barcelona
15 Nov Nitsa, Barcelona
02 Nov Futura Meets Mumbai Records, Canary Islands
26 Oct Karma Koncrete, Bangkok (CPI)
25 Oct Potato Head, Hong Kong
18 Oct VENT, Tokyo (CPI)
05 Oct Nitsa, Barcelona
28 Sep Festival 17820, Banyoles
15 Sep Nitsa, Barcelona
14 Sep La Rachdingue, Barcelona
13 Sep This Side Up, Barcelona
07 Sep Nitsa, Barcelona
31 Aug Sameheads, Berlin (CPI)
24 Aug Nitsa, Barcelona
08 Aug Tabakalera, Donostia-San Sebastián
04 Aug Nitsa, Barcelona
25 Jul Cercle at Moog, Barcelona
18 Jul Macarena Club, Barcelona
13 Jul Nitsa, Barcelona
06 Jul Razzmatazz, Barcelona
23 Jun Freedonia, Barcelona
21 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
15 Jun Marc Piñol at Hirian, Bilbao
17 May Nitsa, Barcelona
04 May Nitsa, Barcelona
20 Apr Nitsa, Barcelona
13 Apr Nitsa, Barcelona
30 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona
29 Mar Switch Bar, Barcelona
15 Mar Opium, Vilnius
08 Mar Beat in Space at Razzmatazz, Barcelona
16 Feb Nitsa, Barcelona
02 Feb Carré Coast, Biarritz
26 Jan. Nitsa, Barcelona

31 Dec Nitsa, Barcelona
28 Dec Nitsa, Barcelona
22 Dec Connexion, Toulouse
15 Dec Ballesta Club, Madrid
14 Dec This Side Up, Barcelona
01 Dec Las Armas, Zaragosa
17 Nov Nitsa, Barcelona
03 Nov Playa, Coruña
31 Oct Freedonia, Barcelona
13 Oct Nitsa, Barcelona
12 Oct Nitsa, Bacrelona
06 Oct Cocktail d’Amore at Griessmühle, Berlin
05 Oct Nitsa, Barcelona
28 Sep Nitsa, Barcelona
22 Sep Thuishaven, Amsterdam
15 Sep Razzmatazz, Barcelona
08 Sep Tanzploshchadka, St. Petersburg
07 Sep Denis Simachev, Moscow
31 Aug Wilden Renate, Berlin
08 Aug Nitsa, Barcelona
05 Aug Nitsa, Barcelona
03 Aug Garbicz Festival, Garbicz
27 Jul MO-BA Fest at Vila Habana, Barcelona
20 Jul LAUT, Barcelona
06 Jul Night And Day at Bizkaia Aretoa, Bilbao
08 Jul Brunch in Barcelona, Barcelona
08 Jul Nitsa, Barcelona
24 Jun Macarena, Barcelona
17 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
16 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
14 Jun Casa Gracia, Barcelona
19 May Wigwam, Dublin
18 May Red58, Barcelona
28 Apr Electronic Lunch, Sevilla
14 Apr Nitsa, Barcelona
31 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona
30 Mar Freedonia, Barcelona
22 Mar Adidas at Sivasdescalzo, Barcelona
18 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona
17 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona
09 Mar Mutek at Nitsa, Barcelona
24 Feb Meatpack, Antwerp
10 Feb Nitsa, Barcelona
03 Feb Oven, Valencia
02 Feb Moog, Barcelona
20 Jan Nitsa, Barcelona
19 Jan Apollo, Milan
13 Jan Nitsa, Barcelona