• Labels African Acid Is The Future
  • Based Berlin, Germany
  • Links SoundCloud

Maryama Luccioni aka Maryisonacid is a multidisciplinary artist.

Dj, promoter, curator for radios such as Worldwide FM and Berlin Community Radio and label owner of AAITF, writer for « Ambiance » Fanzine made with her collective.

She grew up in the 80s, from a mixed family, between Paris Barbès and Corsica.

She was raised up enjoying ballet at the conservatory school for more than ten years and started collecting records and objects since the age of 14.

She persued this interest in collecting, having her own shop in Paris in 2010, at the same time she started to play for small gatherings and underground nightbars.

When finally settled in Berlin, she worked with MRTIES infamous turntabilist and Homopatik founder. After few years of this enriching experience, she takes some time away for herself, and comes back as Maryisonacid, and starts her own night, in a post punk bar of Berlin Neukkoln in 2014, where she often plays alone from 10pm-10am for a very mixed underground crowd, eager for the variety of sounds she presents and her colorful selection.

In 2015 the party moves to Loftus Hall and grows into a well respected music platform. The same year, in 2017, the night is invited at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival and will host their own festival at Funkhaus where they started their Live series .

From then on, she tours, performs or organizes around the globe for various clubs, festivals, galeries etc…

She starts her own label partner with The Vinyl Factory London in 2017.

In September 2018 she creates a Fanzine « Ambiance » and gives the direction to members of her collective, it was launched in Tokyo at Contact club, to accompany the idea of a cultural movement that goes with AAITF.

In 2019 she will be in charge with the programming of a series of concert at Volksbühne Berlin.

Her love for Music is beyond the club scene, and this is what makes her sets a very special and cinematic journey, breaking the rules of traditional dance music sets .

« From Afro to Techno and everything in between » as she quotes it, because there is quasi no genres left aside in her performances.

She enjoys story telling,but with the easy goingness and energy of someone who knows how to drive a party.

15 Dec TBA, TBA (DE)
15 Oct Bloero, Seoul
09 Oct Eagles, Seoul
06 Oct Bonbo, Kanagawa
01 Oct Oppa La, Kanagawa
29 Sep Vinofonica, Nagoya
23 Sep Ishinoko, Ishikawa
19 Aug Opium, Vilnius
18 Aug Tresor, Berlin
12 Aug Hosoi Festival, Stockholm
06 Aug AAITF at Loftus Hall, Berlin
29 Jul Tresor, Berlin
23 Jul Herrensauna at RSO, Berlin
15 Jul African Acid Is the Future, Berlin
26 Jun ELSE, Berlin
25 Jun Fluid Festival, Hamburg
21 May OXI, Berlin
13 May AAITF at Loftus Hall, Berlin
15 Apr The Carpet Shop, London
02 Apr Else, Berlin
19 Mar Antisocial, Mumbai
13 Mar Koramangala Social, Bangalore
11 Mar Ring Road Social, Indore
04 Mar Antisocial, Pune

03 Dec OXI, Berlin
06 Nov Renate, Berlin
30 Oct Herrensauna at Funkhaus, Berlin
24 Sep Paloma, Berlin
18 Sep Palace, Paris
10 Sep Phipps Aftershow // Reference Festival, Berlin
05 Sep Yes to All // Wilhelm Hallen, Berlin
02 Sep Stiftung Kunst und Natur, Nantesbuch
03 Jul Les Vivres de l’Art, Bordeaux
27 Jun ∄, Kiev

16 Sep arch concerts, Berlin
08 Aug OXY Open Air, Berlin
17 Jul OXY Garden, Berlin
06 Mar Fuchs2, Prague
29 Feb Daphnia, Osaka
28 Feb Cauliflower, Osaka
23 Feb Cafein, Tokyo
21 Feb Oppa La, Kanagawa
15 Feb Cakeshop, Seoul
01 Feb antiSOCIAL, Mumbai
11 Jan Savour The Moment at Renate, Berlin
01 Jan Bret, Amsterdam

21 Dec Drag Ball, Tramabar & Kino, Berlin
20 Dec Badaboum, Paris
07 Dec AAITF at Loftus Hall, Berlin
30 Nov Sameheads, Berlin
29 Nov About Blank, Berlin
30 Nov Refuge at Sameheads, Berlin
26 Oct AAITF at Loftus Hall, Berlin
19 Oct Bret ADE, Amsterdam
12 Oct Printworks, London
21 Sep African Boogie Night at Pekfabrik, Antwerp
23 Aug Nou Le Morne, Mauritius
27 Jul AAITF at Loftus Hall, Berlin
19 Jul Empty Brain Resort, Vilnius
29 Jun Dizonord, Paris
27 Jun Rex Club, Paris
22 Jun SSFB Festival, Amsterdam
14 Jun Diskothek Melancholie 2, Berlin
13 Jun Berghain Kantine, Berlin
30 May Distortion, Copenhagen
29 May Nuits Sonores, Lyon
18 May Bret, Amsterdam
12 Apr Cour MABLY, Bordeaux
15 Mar SoHo House, Berlin
16 Feb AAITF at Loftus Hall, Berlin
02 Feb Bret, Amsterdam
12 Jan Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin


15 Dec AAITF at Loftus Hall, Berlin
15 Nov Contact, Tokyo
10 Nov Far out Festival, Bombay
26 Oct AAITF at Loftus Hall, Berlin
13 Sep Berlin HAU Anniversary
08 Sep Berlin Biennale Closing Party
23 Aug AAITF at Selectors Festival, Tinso
18 Aug AAITF at Baka Gaijin x Telekom Electronic Beats Open Air, Essen
06 Jul Kaiku, Helsinki
24 Jun AAITF at Strange Sounds From Beyond, Amsterdam
08 Jun AAITF at Uva Festival, Malaga
02 Jun Detroit – Berlin: One Circle
04 Mar AAITF at Ghost Notes, London
21 Apr O/B #5 at Anjos 70
14 Apr AAITF at Arkaoda, Istanbul