• Labels A Strangely Isolated Place
  • Based Berlin, Germany
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** also available for Chymera bookings**

Merrin Karras is the ambient pseudonym of Irish electronic musician Brendan Gregoriy, best known for producing techno and house under the name Chymera. His work as Merrin Karras is warm and melodic, with Berlin-school pulsations and hints of suspense. The alias first surfaced in 2014 on John Beltran’s Music for Machines compilation released by Delsin. In 2016, A Strangely Isolated Place released his debut album Apex which signalled the beginnings of a strong partnership. In 2020 they released his brooding follow up Northwest Passage, as well as the mini album Silent Planet, which further evolved his deep sonic explorations.

24 Oct DAVE Festival, Dresden
16 Sep Arch 02, Berlin
06 Mar Northwest Passage launch party,