• Labels Mote-Evolver, Hotflush
  • Based Offenburg, Germany
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Berlin’s Oliver Deutschmann has gained a reputation over the last 15 years through his pure passion, diverse track selection and an unambiguous mixing ability. Years before he released his first EPs he had already set himself on a path that would see him DJ all over the world, eventually leading to his adopted home of Berghain where he has lit up both rooms of the club dozens of times since first playing there almost ten years ago. Deutschmann displays a distinct unwillingness to be pigeonholed in any one style, and is right at home whether he’s warming things up with an understated house groove or thrashing the big rooms with his grandiose brand of techno.

While honing his abilities at the controls, he also began testing the waters of production and label ownership, and has since created four labels: Vidab, Falkplatz, Slim Audio and the vinyl only imprint GKNSTR. Releases on Soma, Aim, Caduceus, Etruria Beat, Mobilee, and his own imprints culminated in his 2013 debut album, ‘Out of the Dark,’ that Resident Advisor described to be “as potent as any techno album released in the last few years.” As an impassioned DJ, producer, and label owner, Deutschmann has ensured that his position in the forefront was never a fleeting one, and with numerous EP’s and a second album on the way, it looks like things will stay that way.

15 Mar TBA, TBA (UK)
17 Feb TBA, TBA (CR)
02 Jan OXI, Berlin


31 Dec Four Play, Berlin
09 Dec Geheimclub, Magdeburg
02 Dec Indoor Festival, Schutterwald
28 Oct Circle, Offenburg
03 Oct OXI, Berlin
02 Oct Re:mise, Berllin
23 Sep SektorEvolution, Dresden
15 Sep Luna, Kiel
09 Sep Klub Verboten at Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg
08 Sep Expeditions at ://about blank, Berlin
04 Aug Secre Rave, Cologne
29 Jul Kantine, Offenburg
06 May Toyz X Bizarre Festival, Paris
30 Apr Glocksee, Hannover
13 Apr Expeditions at About Blank, Berlin
08 Apr Adroit, Zurich
17 Mar Klub Verboten, London
11 Mar Staub, Berlin
02 Jan Remise, Berlin


31 Dec Secret Raves, Düsseldorf
25 Dec Power Hour, Bocholt
10 Dec Geheimclub, Magdeburg
09 Dec Klub Verboten, Berlin
08 Dec About Blank, Berlin
15 Nov Aeden, Berlin
31 Oct Secret Raves, Cologne
23 Oct SPRINGSTOFF at Dante, Amsterdam
07 Oct Kit Kat, Berlin
16 Sep Klub Verboten, London
29 Aug Remise, Berlin
09 Aug Aeden, Berlin
30 Jul Moondance Festival, Croatia
15 Jul Expedition, Berlin
02 Jul Burda See Open Air, Offenburg
18 Jun Secret Raves, Cologne
11 Jun Kamehameha Festival, Offenburg
10 Jun Szpitlana, Krakow
28 May Golzheim, Düsseldorf
21 May Robert Johnson, Offenbach
30 Apr Klub Verboten, Berlin
23 Apr Terminus Club, Liege
15 Apr Klub Verboten, London
09 Apr Secert Raves, Cologne
05 Mar Berlina für Techno, Hamburg

17 Dec Verboten, London
19 Nov About Blank, Berlin
14 Nov Permanent Afterhours, Cologne
12 Nov Rottweiler, Gothenburg
23 Oct Geheimclub, Magdeburg
09 Oct Tesla, Berlin
01 Oct Gegen, Berlin
25 Sep Secret Rave, Cologne
17 Sep Verboten, London
05 Sep Berlina for Techno, Hamburg
30 Jul LAZZ, Warsaw
10 Jul NovaFuture x .defaultbox Open Air, Blankenfelde-Mahlow
26 Jun SecretRaves, Cologne

29 Feb L‘entrepot Club, Bordeaux
08 Feb Sfinks, Sopot
18 Jan About Blank, Berlin

31 Dec Rottweiler, Gothenburg
28 Dec Berlina für Techno, Kiel
27 Dec BO18, Beirut
25 Dec SMOD at Universal Dog, Offenburg
24 Dec TBA, Stuttgart
14 Dec One One Club, Riga
06 Dec Gare, Porto
30 Nov Waagenbau, Hamburg
23 Nov Liquid Club, Malta
16 Nov Weidendamm, Hannover
15 Nov Badaboum, Paris
09 Nov Zodiak, Brussels
02 Nov Geheimclub, Magdeburg
01 Nov Gegen, Berlin
26 Oct B:EAST, Berlin
25 Oct Off Yard, Frankfurt
12 Oct Pornceptual, Berlin
01 Oct Encore une fois, Berlin
28 Sep Salt & Pepper, Pforzheim
20 Sep Club PAN, Hannover
12 Sep About Blank, Berlin
31 Aug The Window, Guangzhou
30 Aug Le Noir, Kuala Lumpur
23 Aug Kit Kat, Berlin
06 Aug Suicide Circus, Berlin
27 Jul Suicide Circus, Berlin
15 Jul Hemingway Bar , Split
14 Jul Sisyphos, Berlin
12 Jul Feel Festival, Bergheider See
11 Jul About Blank, Berlin
06 Jul SMOD at Black Forest Festival
21 Jun Oliver Deutschmann at Fete de la Musique, Berlin
18 Jun Suicide Circus, Berlin
15 Jun Oil Club, Shenzhen
14 Jun Zu Club, Ulaanbaatar
07 Jun Heart Beat at The Obeservatory, Saigon
01 Jun Rote Sonne, Munich
25 May La Java, Paris
18 May Klub Verboten, London
11 May Berghain, Berlin
10 May Wagenbau, Hamburg
03 May Veto, Ibiza
27 Apr Rottweiler, Gothenburg
21 Apr Sysiphus, Berlin
06 Apr Wilden Renate, Berlin
04 Apr 44KW, Shanghai
30 Mar Rummelsbucht, Berlin
29 Mar Cell 200, London
22 Mar Volt, Milan
16 Mar Fernwerk, Berlin
09 Mar Geheimclub, Magdeburg
02 Mar Cargo Club, Caen
23 Feb Suicide Circus, Berlin
16 Feb SMOD at Club PAN, Hannover
09 Feb Pornceptual, Berlin
02 Feb De Commune, Bangkok
19 Jan About Blank, Berlin
12 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin


31 Dec Circle Club, Offenburg
30 Dec Suicide Circus, Berlin
28 Dec BO18, Beirut
22 Dec Glocksee, Hannover
08 Dec BLITZ, Munich
01 Dec Mauerpfeiffer, Saarbrücken
24 Nov Berghain, Berlin
17 Nov Klub Verboten, London
16 Nov Nitsa, Barcelona
08 Nov Treehouse, Miami
02 Nov Bellona Club, Lyon
27 Oct Sfinks700, Sopot
20 Oct JunkYard, Dortmund
11 Oct 1988 Live Club, Rennes
05 Oct Arena, Berlin
29 Sep Laverie de Tank, Offenburg
22 Sep UKW Kraftwerk, Rostock
15 Sep Arttheater, Cologne
11 Sep Chalet, Berlin
08 Sep Her Damit, Beiersdorf-Freudenberg
25 Aug DADA, Shanghai
24 Aug DADA, Beijing
18 Aug Kwartz Club, Nice
11 Aug Pornceptual, Berlin
04 Aug Sektor Evolution, Dresden
28 Jul Schall im Schilf Open Air, Garching
27 Jul Slakthuiset, Stockholm
18 Jul Art- Center Paveletsky, Moscow
14 Jul Smolna, Warsaw
13 Jul Chalet, Berlin
07 Jul Geheimclub, Magdeburg
30 Jun Rottweiler Bar, Gothenburg
23 Jun Glocksee, Hannover
22 Jun Solid-Grounded, Prötzel
16 Jun Kamehameha Festival, Offenburg
15 Jun Suara Store, Barcelona
10 Jun Berghain, Berlin
08 Jun PAG at Alphabet, Tel Aviv
02 Jun Gotec, Karlsruhe
30 May Veto Social Club, Ibiza
04 May Chalet, Berlin
27 Apr Aurora Club, Primošten
21 Apr Birgit, Berlin
12 Apr About Blank, Berlin
07 Apr Subtanz at Musikbunker, Aachen
06 Apr Drifters, Freiburg
05 Apr Beit Maariv, Tel Aviv
30 Mar MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
24 Mar Forum, Bielefeld
23 Mar Wilden Renate, Berlin
17 Mar Utopia Castle Festival, Halle
27 Feb Suicide Circus, Berlin
24 Feb Staub, Berlin
17 Feb Sound Department, Taranto
10 Feb Volt, Milan
03 Feb Peripheria, Quito
02 Feb Freedom Festival, Medellin
27 Jan TBA, Philadelphia
13 Jan About Blank, Berlin
01 Jan Kosmonaut, Berlin


31 Dec Circle Club, Offenburg
25 Dec Distillery, Leipzig
24 Dec Lehmann, Stuttgart
08 Dec Eden, Ulm
03 Dec Berghain, Berlin
25 Nov Brin de Zinc, Chambéry
18 Nov Mikser, Sarajevo
03 Nov Chalet, Berlin
27 Oct Jiro, Kuala Lumpur
21 Oct Social Room, Hong Kong
20 Oct Beton Brut, Seoul
17 Oct Encore une Fois, Berlin
15 Oct TBA, TBA
14 Oct Pornceptual, Berlin
23 Sep Circule Club, Offenburg
22 Sep UKW, Rostock
16 Sep Veto Social Club, Ibiza
15 Sep Tresor, Berlin
14 Sep The Block, Tel Aviv
09 Sep Erectus Club, Stockholm
08 Sep Mitte Sound Bar, Nürnberg
02 Sep Rottweiler, Goteburg
27 Aug WHOLE Festival, Bergheider See
27 Aug Feel Festival After Party, Berlin
26 Aug Universal Dog, Lahr
18 Aug Aurora Club, Primošten
12 Aug Veto Social Club, Ibiza
01 Suicide Circus, Berlin
29 Jul Wilden Renate, Berlin
22 Jul Suicide Circus, Berlin
21 Jul Gem Fest, Anaklia
15 Jul Veto Social Club, Ibiza
08 Jul Birgit, Berlin
08 Jul Feel Festival, Bergheider See
02 Jul Anomalie, Berlin
24 Jun Veto Social Club, Ibiza
16 Jun About Blank, Berin
10 Jun Salt & Pepper, Pforzheim
09 Jun Her Damit Im Exil, Secret Location
27 May Drifters, Freiburg
20 May Panorama Bar, Berlin
13 May Veto Social Club, Ibiza
06 May Uberhaus, Beirut
29 Apr Mi Casa Su Casa, Bristol
22 Apr The Loft at Razzmatazz, Barcelona
21 Apr Folies Pigalle, Paris
17 Apr Suicide Circus, Berlin
16 Apr Electric Flash, Zielona Gora
15 Apr Loopy, Hangzhou
14 Apr Korner, Taipei
09 Apr Arena Club, Berlin
08 Apr King Kong Club, Kortrijk
07 Apr Veto Social Club, Ibiza
25 Mar Birgit, Berlin
24 Mar Moderat Aftershow, Tbilisi
18 Mar Veto Social Club, Ibiza
12 Feb Utopia Castle Festival, Halle
11 Feb Volt, Milan
04 Feb Tresor, Berlin
28 Jan Rathausbunker, Kiel
06 Jan IPSE, Berlin


24 Dec Der Club, Offenbug
18 Dec Jaded, London
17 Dec Undertone, Cardiff
15 Dec Terminal, Lyon (Orion)
09 Dec WACH at Betty Elms, Ulm
06 Dec Suicide Circus, Berlin
03 Dec Stara Fabryka Spirytusu Wojskowego, Szczecin
02 Dec Beit Maariv, Tel Aviv
26 Nov Lehmann Club, Stuttgart
24 Nov Wilden Renate, Berlin
31 Oct Butan, Wuppertal
28 Oct About Blank, Berlin
20 Oct Treehouse, Miami
07 Oct Mitte Soundbar, Nürnberg
06 Oct Kraftwerk, Berlin
04 Oct Suicide Circus, Berlin
02 Oct Brigit, Berlin
24 Sep Veto Social Club, Ibiza
10 Sep Mi Casa Su Casa at The Island, Bristol
27 Aug Forum, Bielefeld
20 Aug Panorama Bar, Berlin
17 Aug Groove Bar, Prague
12 Aug Veto, Ibiza
11 Aug Art Theater, Cologne
29 Jul Der Club, Offenburg
23 Jul Freiluftfestival, Usedom
20 Jul Beck’sperience Summer Tour, Šibenik
16 Jul Concrete, Paris
07 Jul Suicide Circus, Berlin
03 Jul Elipamonoke, Leipzig
02 Jul Ritter Butzke, Berlin
01 Jul Off Location, Stockholm
24 Jun Son Libre Festival, Collias
10 Jun Bootleg, Tel Aviv
02 Jun Watergate, Berlin
29 May Her Damit Afterparty, Binz
28 May TBA, TBA
21 May Bunker RAMBAZAMBA, Berlin
06 May FunBreak Festival Techno Scene, Salou
03 May Suicide Circus, Berlin
01 May Open Air, Berlin
23 Apr Griessmühle, Berlin
27 Mar Berghain, Berlin
26 Mar Lehmann Club, Stuttgart
18 Mar Barathym, Toulon
12 Mar Gingerwork & Venture North, Hanoi
11 Mar Heart Beat @ The Observatory, Ho Chi Minh City
05 Mar Kyo, Singapore
27 Feb Uberhaus, Beirut
20 Feb Radion, Amsterdam
19 Feb Analog Room, Dubai
13 Feb F8, San Francisco
10 Feb Trade, Miami
06 Feb Bushwick A/V Saturday Afters, New York
05 Feb TBA, Brooklyn
31 Jan TBA, TBA
29 Jan TBA, TBA
08 Jan NFR Club, Montpelier


31 Dec Tresor, Berlin
26 Dec Mudd Club, Strasbourg
18 Dec Monasterio Night, Moscow
05 Dec About Blank, Berlin
29 Nov TBA, TBA
28 Nov Schon Schön, Mainz
27 Nov DV1, Lyon
21 Nov Sala Simbala, Córdoba
14 Nov Jungla, Split
31 Oct Mystery, St Petersburg
29 Oct Propaganda, Moscow
23 Oct Loftus Hall, Berlin
16 Oct Mitte Soundbar, Nürnberg
15 Oct Sweat Lodge ADE at Club NL, Amsterdam
02 Oct Le Golfe Plage, Six-Fours Les Plages
18 Sep XOYO, London
11 Sep Tresor, Berlin
04 Sep Bootleg, Tel Aviv
01 Sep Suicide Circus, Berlin
22 Aug La Terassa, Freistett
21 Aug Opium Club, Armenia
08 Aug Haubentaucher, Berin
02 Aug Berghain, Berlin
01 Aug Uckeralm Festival, Seelübbe
17 Jul TBA, TBA
12 Jul Kosmonaut, Berlin
11 Jul Avignon, Shelter
21 Jun Berghain, Berlin
20 Jun Coconut Club, Barcelona
16 Jun Under Club, Barcelona
06 Jun Veto Social Club, Ibiza
24 May Berghain, Berlin
23 May Silodom, Saarbrücken
08 May Her Damit Festival, Rügen
03 May TBA, TBA
01 May TBA, TBA
24 Apr The International, Luxembourg
17 Apr TBA, TBA
10 Apr Slakthuset, Stockholm
06 Apr Berghain, Berlin
04 Apr Veto Social Club, Ibiza
02 Apr Veto Social Club, Ibiza
29 Mar South William, Dublin
28 Mar Distillery, Leipzig
14 Mar Podziemie Inkubatora Kultury, Szczecin
07 Mar Stattbad, Berlin
06 Mar Odonien, Cologne
27 Feb Temple, Nairobi
21 Feb TBA, TBA
13 Feb Weetamix, Geneva
06 Feb Uberhaus, Beirut
24 Jan Berghain, Berlin
23 Jan Village Underground, London
15 Jan Veto Social Club, Ibiza
10 Jan TBA, TBA
02 Jan Bootleg, Tel Aviv (night)
02 Jan Hansen House, Jerusalem (day)