• Labels IfZ, LACKRec
  • Based Leipzig, Germany
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The live sets of Leipzig native Perm always stand out. Loopy, rough, analogue affairs, where anything can happen. It might be bleepy, blurring techno, sweaty acid, or ambient but it will always hit the right pulsatingspots. His DJ sets have proven him to be a versatile andunparalleled selector, having had the time to hone his craft with a well deserved residency at Leipzig’s Institutfür Zukunft. Techno, House, Disco and Acid – no matter what, he effortlessly combines all into an electrifying journey.

12 Aug Sacred Ground Festival, Friedland
17 Jul IFZ x KLUB: Conne Island, Leipzg
08 Jul Bike Jesus, Prague
14 May Rosa, Greifswald
09 Apr IfZ, Leipzig

20 Nov IfZ, Leipzig
30 Oct objekt klein a, Dresden

05 Sep Festwiese, Leipzig
13 Aug OXY Garden, Berlin
29 Feb IfZ, Leipzig
21 Feb Elipamanoke, Leipzig
13 Feb IfZ, Leipzig
18 Jan About Blank, Berlin
11 Jan Guanxi, Chengdu
10 Jan Zhao Dai, Beijing

31 Dec Zur Klappe, Berlin
16 Nov Fusion Club, Münster
13 Nov Griessmuehle, Berlin
26 Oct IfZ, Leipzig
05 Oct Club Battlezone, Stadt Zwickau
21 Sep objekt klein a, Dresden
07 Sep Polyphon Festival, Braunschweig
06 Sep Kassablanca, Jena
31 Aug Intermission Bar, Singapore
30 Aug Who’s Your Daddy, Bali
25 Aug The Tao Terraces, Bangalore
23 Aug Auro, Delhi
17 Aug Elipamanoke, Leipzig
28 Jun Disco Zwei, Mannheim
14 Jun Zur Klappe, Berlin
08 Jun Somedate Open Air, Weimar
11 May IfZ, Leipzig
03 May Elipamanoke, Leipzig
26 Apr Ulysses @ Dora Brilliant, Frankfurt
20 Apr IfZ, Leipig
12 Apr 23 Grad Techno at Zapata Bar, Jena
06 Apr PIP, Den Haag
23 Mar Tresor, Berlin
24 Feb Fernwerk, Berlin
14 Feb IFZ, Leipzig
09 Feb BLITZ, Munich
01 Jan IfZ, Leipzig


30 Dec 35c3, Leipzig
28 Dec City Club, Augsburg
08 Dec Klappe, Berlin
07 Dec Heizkeller, Salzburg
01 Dec Charles Bronson, Halle
25 Nov Conne Island, Leipzig
24 Nov Costa Social Club, Madrid
09 Nov La Station, Paris
03 Nov Galerie Kurzweil, Darmstadt
30 Oct Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig
27 Oct xxx, Hamburg
20 Oct Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg
19 Oct Golden Pudel Club (Live), Hamburg
29 Sep Blitz (Live), Munich
28 Sep TBA, Dresden
27 Sep Säule (Live), Berlin
15 Sep Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig
25 Sep Westhafen Openair, Leipzig
09 Aug Wilde Möhren Festival
04 Aug Nachtdigital/Together w/ M.Stallbaumer
24 Jul Burg Schnabel, Berlin
24 Jul Waldbrand Openair
14 Jul Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig
10 Jun So&So, Leipzig
11 May Ubel&Gefährlich, Hamburg
05 May It Isn’t Happening Festival, Nürnberg
04 May Elipamanoke, Leipzig
28 Apr Szpitalna1 (Live), Krakow
14 Apr Brain Club, Braunschweig
29 Mar Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig
23 Mar Herna, Brno
09 Mar Elipamanoke, Leipzig
24 Feb Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig
03 Feb Wilden Renate, Berlin
01 Jan Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipizg