• Labels Squirrels On Film
  • Based San Francisco
  • Links SoundCloud Instagram Resident Advisor Discogs

It’s easy to avoid tired tropes when talking about Solar. The typical cheeky embellishment of an artist biography is simply unnecessary in this case.

He’s been a prime player across several decades of the Bay Area’s underground dance music timeline. He’s an experienced, skilled, and creative selector – one who makes the well-worn quip of a “DJ’s DJ” seem pithy and redundant. As a part of Sunset Sound System, he and his partners have peppered California and beyond with 25 years of thoughtfully conceived and carefully crafted events, chief among them the delightful and dreamy Sunset Campout. He presents spacey, tough, intuitive, and often psychedelic music to the universe via his (and C.L.A.W.S.) label, Squirrels On Film. He’s delivered focused and inspired mixes to myriad curatorial collaborators including Dekmantel, Resident Advisor, Boiler Room, and Rush Hour.

Most of all, though, he’s a person of passion, consistency, dedication, and skill who can make your party a better place by sharing his spirit, creativity, and vision.

10 Aug TBA, TBA (PT)
04 Aug TBA, TBA (DE)
03 Aug TBA, TBA (UK)
16 Jul Love International, Tinso
29 Jun TBA, TBA (US)
21 Jun Sunset Campout, Belden Town
31 May Sunset Nights at The Foundry, San Francisco
10 May F8, San Francisco
04 May Bruma Festival, Rio de Janeiro
21 Apr Sunset Anniversary, San Francisco
29 Mar Public Records, New York
16 Mar Making Time, Philadelphia
02 Mar Mutant Radio, Kutaissi
01 Mar Mutant Radio, Tbilisi
20 Jan Basement, New York
01 Jan Sunset Sound System at The Great Northern, San Francisco


31 Dec Lights Down Low, Los Angeles
17 Dec Wonderfruit, Chon Bur
07 Dec Brick & Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco
03 Dec Ombra Festival, Barcelona
16 Nov The Knockout, San Francisco
29 Oct Sunset Sound System, San Francisco
05 Oct Underground SF, San Francisco
22 Sep Makig Time, Philadelphia
01 Sep Vague Terrain at Underground SF
24 Aug Dekmantel Selectors, Tinso
20 Aug Panorama Bar, Berlin
18 Aug BLITZ, Munich
14 Aug Gallery 1986, Vilnius
11 Aug Neopop Festival, Forte Santiago de Barra
04 Aug Full Moon Campout, Walden
28 Jul Kieth Flack, Fukuoka
22 Jul Upside Down, Osaka
21 Jul Future at Oppala, Enoshima
15 Jul Rual, Naeba Greenland
07 Jul Public Records, NYC
01 Jul Sunset Campout, San Francisco
22 Jun Glastonbury, Pilton
17 Jun Tola, London
16 Jun De School, Amsterdam
15 Jun Mercerie, Brussels
11 Jun Polifonic, Milan
10 Jun Zukunft, Zurich
03 Jun Bar Part Time, San Francisco
02 Apr Public Works, San Francisco
01 Apr Nowadays, NYC
03 Mar Acid Test at F8, San Francisco
29 Jan Sunday Sunday, Mexico City
28 Jan Radio Bar, Irapuato
21 Jan SF Eagle, San Francisco
01 Jan Sunset Sound System, San Francisco


31 Dec Marble Bar, Detroit
24 Dec F8, San Francisco
17 Dec Sleigh Ride, Los Angeles
10 Dec IBOAT, Bordeaux
09 Dec Perla Negra, Porto
03 Dec Renate, Berlin
02 Dec Blitz, Munich
19 Dec De School, Amsterdam
18 Nov Neue Welle, Leipzig
12 Nov Carbone, Paris
04 Nov Apache Pass, Austin
30 Oct Sunset Sound System, San Francisco
22 Oct Better Late, Los Angeles
02 Oct Sunset Sound System, San Rafael
01 Oct Public Works, San Francisco
03 Sep Calle 9, Medellín
28 Aug Sunset Sound System, San Francisco
21 Aug Panorama Bar, Berlin
14 Aug Houghton Festival, Norfolk
13 Aug Neopop Festival, Viana do Castelo
29 Jul Escape to Olganiz, Cavertitz
23 Jul Ankali, Prague
22 Jul Garage Noord, Amsterdam
20 Jul Pikes, Ibiza
10 Jul Negombo, Ischia Island
09 Jul Koko Electronic, London
08 Jul Nitsa, Barcelona
30 Jun Floyd, Miami
17 Jun F8, San Francisco
11 Jun Acid Test at Club Nitro, Lima
29 May Texture, Detroit
07 May Hard French, San Francisco
21 May Monarch, San Francisco
30 Apr Anomaly Fest, Mexico City
23 Apr Unity, CA
20 Feb Monarch, San Francisco
11 Feb Folsom, San Francisco