• Labels Maeve, Permanent Vacation
  • Based Dublin, Ireland
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Mark Flynn AKA The Drifter hails from the picturesque seaside town of Greystones in County Wicklow, Ireland. An extraordinary number of electronic musicians have come from what is a relatively small geographical area with Mark being one of those shining lights. He arrived onto the scene with the beautiful “Lovers EP” in 2012 and although not necessarily as prolific as his peers when it comes to his original output, he makes his mark in many other ways.

Over the last year he started his excellent Cast Adrift Radio show on Dublin Digital Radio which really shows how invested he is in his art. Broadcasting genre-crossing adventures through a myriad of modern music, Cast Adrift is a great insight into how he feels and thinks about music. Production wise, remixes have become something Mark has really grown a talent for. Over the past year alone he has turned in 4 remixes for a variety of imprints, all met with solid and widespread acclaim. Mark also contributed to the Maeve compilation entitled Heavy Rotations Vol 1 – with his track “Three Words Max”, which turned out to be one of the most popular from the collection.

Mark is a founding member of the Maeve label along with close friends Mano Le Tough and Baikal – the imprint, born in Berlin in 2012, has steered a slow and steady course through the years, releasing highly thought out and interesting electronic music. The alchemy of three label heads is in itself what makes the label so special and sees it continue to garner support across the board. So looking to the future, its clear that Mark doesn’t intend on slowing down anytime soon. Original work will see the light of day in 2019 while continuing to tour both solo and with his label mates, bringing Maeve Showcases to all parts of the globe. Marks passion and enthusiasm for what he does is clear, this coupled with his infectious positivity, leaves you wondering what heights the Drifter could reach.

20 Jan Wolfkop Weekender, Cape Town


07 Oct HQ, Singapore
19 Aug Another Love Story at Killyon Manor, Hill of Down
13 Aug Passion Beat at Woodstock, Bloemendaal
05 Aug Passio Beat at ELSE, Berlin
23 Jul Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon
24 Jun Night & Day Festival, Roscommon
16 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
02 Jun Adrift at The Hotspot, Greystones
16 May Passion Beat at Pacha, Ibiza
23 Mar Forum, Beer Sheeva
16 Mar Adrift at The Hotspot, Greystones
03 Feb Luzy Boom, Guadalajara
21 Jan Papaya Playa Project, Tulum


23 Dec Adrift at The Hotspot, Greystones
18 Nov Hen’s Teeth, Dublin
12 Nov Klein, Istanbul
05 Nov Adrift at The Hotspot, Greystones
29 Oct IGR Festival, Dubai
15 Oct Adrift at The Hotspot, Greystones
01 Oct Breakfast Club, Tel Aviv
30 Sep Forum, Beer Sheeva
17 Sep Adrift at The Hotspot, Greystones
21 Aug ELSE, Berlin
19 Aug Another Love Story, Ireland
12 Aug Adrift at The Hotspot, Greystones
31 Jul All Together Now, Co.Waterford
23 Jul Adrift at The Hotspot, Greystones
09 Jul Rhinos on the Beach, Hedera
07 Jul Forum, Beer Sheeva
24 Jun Adrift at The Hotspot, Greystones
18 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
28 May Hang Dai, Dublin
13 May Adrift at The Hotspot, Greystones
23 Apr Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
22 Apr Funk, Mexico City
15 Apr Passion Beat at Else, Berlin

25 Nov Slippers, Tel Aviv
24 Sep Reworks, Thessaloniki
15 Aug Woodstock, Bloemendaal

29 Feb Klein, Istanbul
31 Jan Hang Dai, Dublin
23 Jan SoHo Garden, Dubai
17 Jan La Folie Club, Paris

28 Dec Oosterbar, Amsterdam
13 Dec The Block, Tel Aviv
12 Dec Pergamon, Jerusalem
22 Nov Coropuna, Rome
09 Nov Ulster Sports Club, Belfast
08 Nov Tengu, Dublin
02 Nov diskothek melancholie 2, Berlin
26 Oct Concrete Bar, Seoul
25 Oct DADA, Beijing
19 Oct Maeve at Paradiso Nord, Amsterdam
12 Oct W Hotel, Bali
05 Oct Goodbar, Sydney
04 Oct Glamorama, Melbourne
28 Sep Wonderland, Cape Town
21 Sep Wolfkop Weekender, Citrusdal
14 Sep Kilowatt Boat Party, NYC
24 Aug Private Event, Island of Spetses
23 Aug Rive di Traiano, Terracina
17 Aug Another Love Story, Co. Meath
26 Jul Kater Blau, Berlin
20 Jul Maeve at Nitsa, Barcelona
18 Jul Fayer, Barcelona
29 Jun Ex Pirience, Naples
27 Jun Pygmalion, Dublin
23 Jun Body & Soul, Co. Westmeath
01 Jun Corsica Studios, London
31 May AVA Festival, Belfast
30 Apr Wilden Renate, Berlin
25 May Święta Krowa, Krakow
11 May Metro Dance Club, Alicante
19 Apr DDR Event, Dublin
22 Mar Volt, Milan
16 Mar Tuff Club, Singapore
15 Mar Barrio by Pisco Bar, Kuala Lumpur
09 Mar Pitch Music & Arts, Moyston
01 Mar Diskothek Melancholie, Berlin
23 Feb Input, Barcelona, TBA
15 Feb White Noise, Stuttgart
12 Jan Distillery, Leipzig
05 Jan Aether, Budapest


28 Dec BO18, Beirut
22 Dec Tengu, Dublin
14 Dec ROOF AW at Music Bar BLAM, Mostar
08 Dec Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
07 Dec Project Sound, Mexico City
04 Dec Beats in Space, New York
01 Dec Cityfox, New York
03 Nov Chalet, Berlin
02 Nov Maeve at Blitz
20 Oct NAME Presents, Lille
19 Oct Maeve at Het Sieraad, Amsterdam
13 Oct Tuff Club, Singapore
06 Oct W Hotel, Bali
05 Oct Beton Brut, Seoul
04 Oct DADA, Shanghai
02 Oct DADA, Beijing
22 Sep Maeve at E1, London
15 Sep Into the Woods, Amersfoort
25 Aug Minerska, Šibenik
18 Aug Circle of Leaves, Odenwald
10 Aug Ribbon Club, Terracina
04 Aug Tresor, Berlin
21 Jul Fiction Boat, NYC
20 Jul Kinda Super Disco, Huston
18 Jul Steam Patio, Denver
14 Jul Open Studios, Vancouver
13 Jul Floyd, Miami
06 Jul Kater Blau, Berlin
29 Jun Tengu, Dublin
24 Jun Maeve at Body & Soul, Co. Westmeath
16 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
15 Jun Le Petit Salon, Lyon
08 Jun Radion, Amsterdam
03 Jun Gate Club, Batumi
02 Jun Castello Festival, Poland
19 May Maeve at Funkhaus, Berlin
18 May Das Lokal, Wroclaw
12 May Prozak 2.0, Krakow
27 Apr Jasna 1, Warsaw
21 Apr Chalet, Berlin
20 Apr Schöne neue Welt, Leipzig
14 Apr Floor, Istanbul
13 Apr Cutting Edge, Brussels
17 Mar St Patricks Day Festival, Berlin
23 Feb The Grand Social, Dublin
17 Feb Rex, Paris
10 Feb Volt, Milan
20 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin
19 Jan Rotate at Bungalow, Augsburg

31 Dec 1896, New York
15 Dec Nacelle, Cairo
01 Dec Maeve at Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
18 Nov Beton Brut, Seoul
17 Nov Kilo Lounge, Singapore
11 Nov Maeve at Uberhaus, Beirut
10 Nov Maeve at Blue Marlin, Dubai
28 Oct Chalet, Berlin
22 Oct Maeve ADE at Thuishaven, Amsterdam
20 Oct Mosaic ADE, Amsterdam
13 Oct Tengu, Dublin
01 Oct Spin (CRSSD Festival Afterparty), San Diego
30 Sep Open Studios, Vancouver
17 Sep Fort Festival, Castillo de Tossa De Mar
16 Sep Maeve @ Blitz, Munich
15 Sep Tresor, Berlin
09 Sep Castello Festival, Beesenstedt
01 Sep Alemagou, Mykonos
31 Aug Maeve at The Block, Tel Aviv
27 Aug Woodstock 69, Bloemendaal
25 Aug Bora Bora, Gammarth
26 Aug Castello Festival Polska Edycja
18 Aug Farrago Festival, Pfaffenhofen (Kastl)
15 Aug Mosaic at Pacha, Ibiza
12 Aug DGTL, Barcelona
05 Aug Open Air, Izmir
04 Aug Summer Ribbon, Terracina
28 Jul Maeve at Gem Fest, Anaklia
22 Jul Sweat Lodge x Nitsa, Barcelona
21 Jul Maeve @ La Clairière, Paris
16 Jul AIM Festival, Montreal
15 Jul Fiction Boat, NYC
08 Jul Maeve at Naturel Beachclub, Scheveningen
07 Jul Maeve at Kafes, Istanbul
02 Jul Anomalie, Berlin
30 Jun Maeve at Sub Club, Glasgow
25 Jun Maeve at Body & Soul, Co. Westmeath
17 Jun Maeve at Nitsa, Barcelona
10 Jun komm schon Alter Festival, Amsterdam
02 Jun Panorama Bar, Berlin
01 Jun Warehouse, Teramo
20 May Zukunft, Zurich
13 May Broeikas at Graanbeurs, Breda
06 May Music Inside Festival, Rimini
05 May Gewölbe, Cologne
18 Apr Boiler Room, Berlin
15 Apr Thuishaven, Amsterdam
14 Apr Kite Club, Ankara
07 Apr Funkhaus, Berlin
03 Apr dART at Lantern, Beijing
01 Apr Club 77, Sydney
31 Mar Glamorama, Melbourne
25 Mar Maeve at Village Underground, London
24 Mar Wilden Renate, Berlin
18 Mar Warung, Itajai
17 Mar E-Edge, São Paulo
17 Mar Club 88, Campinas
25 Feb Maeve for Ugs Pro, Belgrade
17 Feb Warehouse Elementenstraat, Amsterdam
11 Feb Volt, Milan
20 Jan Sweat Lodge x About Blank, Berlin
16 Jan Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
14 Jan Maeve at Sacbe, Playa del Carmen
05 Jan The Block, Tel Aviv


31 Dec Paradigm, Groningen
26 Dec Club Wah Wah, Dublin
22 Dec St Columbs Hall, Derry
10 Dec Sweat Lodge x Romy S, Stuttgart
09 Dec Lux, Lisbon
03 Dec Jenja, Bali
02 Dec Kilo Lounge, Singapore
01 Dec Jenja, Jakarta
19 Nov TBA, Amsterdam
05 Nov Maeve for Calypso, Gammarth
04 Nov Indigo, Istanbul
29 Oct Blk Market, New York
28 Oct Escape, Los Angeles
27 Oct Monarch, San Francisco
23 Oct Maeve ADE x De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
22 Oct Skatehall Osnabrück, Osnabrueck
08 Oct N.A.M.E Festival, Lille
01 Oct Sweat Lodge x Nitsa, Barcelona
30 Sep Maeve x La Belle Electrique, Grenoble
29 Sep The Block, Tel Aviv
24 Sep Maeve x District 8, Dublin
23 Sep Maeve x RePublik, Waterford
10 Sep Sweat Lodge x De Marktkantine, Amsterdam (night)
10 Sep Into the Woods, Amersfoort (day)
03 Sep Maeve x The Garten, Beirut
02 Sep Maeve x La Clairière, Paris
13 Aug Output, New York
13 Aug Fiction Boat Party, New York
11 Aug Maeve x Gem Festival, Georgia
07 Aug AZ Zur Garden Party, Chateau de Saint Siffret
06 Aug Bar de la Plage, Biarritz & Carré Coast, Biarritz
04 Aug Space, Ibiza
30 Jul Maeve @ Mondo, Madrid
29 Jul Boyd’s, Gibraltar
23 Jul Welcome to the Future Festival, Het Twiske
15 Jul Ecovillage, Sousse
09 Jul Tresor, Berlin
28 Jun Mosaic @ Pacha, Ibiza
25 Jun Corsica Studios, London
15 Jun WIP Warehouse OFF Sonar, Barcelona
11 Jun Edit Festival, Haarlem
10 Jun MS Zufriedenheit, Würzburg
04 Jun Chocolate Festival, Laussane
29 May Panorama Bar, Berlin
27 May Life Festival, Ireland
25 May Gewölbe, Cologne
22 May Maeve @ Yoyo Palais de Tokyo, Paris
21 May RythmBox at Ardjan, Gammarth
14 May Maeve @ D-Edge Open Air, São Paulo
14 May Maeve @ Warung, Itajai
08 May Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
07 May Hardpop, Juarez
06 May Americana, Mexico City
05 May Bar Americas, Guadalajara
30 Apr Maeve @ Hangar, Marina di Pietrasanta
23 Apr Output, New York
22 Apr Imperial, Vancouver
17 Apr Do Lab Stage at Coachella, Indio
15 Apr Warehouse, Chicago
14 Apr U Hall, DC
27 Mar Maeve @ DGTL Festival, Amsterdam
26 Mar Maeve @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
25 Mar Maeve @ Village Underground, London
24 Mar The Block, Tel Aviv
19 Mar Cirq, Venice
20 Feb Hive, Zurich
10 Feb Watergate, Berlin
06 Feb Radion, Amsterdam
05 Feb Vaag, Antwerp
29 Jan Village Underground, London
23 Jan Maeve @ Pearl Beach Club, Dominican Republic
18 Jan Maeve @ Papaya Play Project, Tulum
15 Jan Life & Death @ The Jungle, Playa del Carmen
12 Jan Maeve @ Canibal Royal, Playa del Carmen
01 Jan De Marktkantine, Amsterdam


31 Dec Cosmo, Rome
26 Dec District 8, Dublin
12 Dec Vinyl, Colorado
11 Dec Stereo, Montreal
10 Dec Monarch, San Francisco
09 Dec Couture, Los Angeles
05 Dec Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig
20 Nov Living Room, Strasbourg
13 Nov Luna, Kiel
08 Nov Panorama Bar, Berlin
06 Nov Abandon Silence at Kazimier, Liverpool
05 Nov The Block, Tel Aviv
31 Oct Raww Room by D-Edge & Club 88, Campinas
31 Oct D-Edge, Sao Paulo
24 Oct Maeve @ Indigo, Istanbul
23 Oct PIXI, Athens
18 Oct Maeve @ ADE, Amsterdam
17 Oct Club Caliente @ Erding Penthaus, Erding
16 Oct Maeve @ TBA, Tbilisi
10 Oct Imperial Club, Rosario
09 Oct Mod, Buenos Aires
03 Oct Maeve @ Nordstern, Basel
25 Sep BAR, Rotterdam
24 Sep Tom, Milan
22 Aug Maeve @ Kyo, Singapore
21 Aug Jenja, Bali
13 Aug Watergate, Berlin
08 Aug Maeve @ TBA, Dublin
04 Aug Up & Down, New York
04 Aug Beats in Space, New York
01 Aug Fiction Boat Party, New York
31 Jul The Paradigm Warehouse, Chicago
25 Jul Barutana, Belgrade
18 Jul Maeve @ Warung, Itajai
17 Jul Maeve @ D-EDGE, São Paulo
11 Jul Baum, Bogota
10 Jul Salon Amador, Medellin
03 Jul Maeve @ PIXI Beach, Athens
27 Jun Kong, Munich
26 Jun Maeve @ Electric, Paris
24 Jun Maeve @ Celtronic Festival, Derry
21 Jun SoHaSo @ Whoosah, Scheveningen
20 Jun Coconut Club, Barcelona
17 Jun Maeve Rave Sonar @ Pic-Nic, Barcelona
12 Jun Watergate, Berlin
06 Jun Maeve @ Robert Johnson, Offenbach
30 May Maeve @ The Garret, Miami
29 May Maeve @ Output, New York
23 May Innervisions @ Leland City Club, Detroit
20 May Couture, Los Angeles
17 May Piknic Electronic, Montreal
16 May Maeve @ CODA, Toronto
01 May Maeve @ Eden Beach Club, Dubai
18 Apr Theater 1900, Turnhout
06 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
04 Apr DGTL, Amsterdam
03 Apr Maeve @ Cafe d’Anvers, Antwerp
29 Mar Last Resort, Miami
27 Mar Maeve @ Trade, Miami
21 Mar Maeve @ Loud, Turin
13 Mar Seltene Erden, Nürnberg
07 Mar Maeve @ Perron, Rotterdam
06 Mar Morko Loko, Rabat
27 Feb Villa Nova, Hamburg
21 Feb Re:Publik, Waterford
20 Feb Opium Rooms, Dublin
31 Jan Raum 38, Mönchengladbach
30 Jan Romy S, Stuttgart
19 Jan TBA, Tulum
12 Jan Meave BPM @ Fusion Beach, Playa del Carmen