• Labels Modex21 / arch / Ecke Records
  • Based Berlin, Germany
  • Links Facebook SoundCloud Instagram Resident Advisor

Julia Lipniewicz, a.k.a Toxido Mask, is a DJ and producer based in Berlin. Her energy is uncompromising and her passion for natural detail orients throughout her music.

As a trained sound designer, Julia has focused her journey towards conveying individuality & intrinsic emotional connections within her works – envisioned through the concept of ‘Catharsis’, she taps into the deeper complexities of sound.

Julia Żyła is an ambient/experimental alias of Toxido Mask. In her ambient sound designs, she includes many natural soundscapes, moods and frequential experiments.

28 Mar Mostra Festival, Barcelona
01 Mar TBA, TBA (DE)


31 Dec Tresor, Berlin
09 Sep Staub at ://about blank, Berlin
01 Sep Globus at Tresor, Berlin
28 Jul Tresor, Berlin
07 May ELSE, Berlin
15 Apr Mensch Meier, Berlin
31 Mar Tresor, Berlin
07 Mar OST Club, Berlin
14 Jan Sweat Lodge XVI at About Blank, Berlin


24 Dec Tresor, Berlin
18 Nov Renate, Berlin
12 Nov Weltspiele, Hannover
02 Sep AWAY at About Blank, Berlin
27 Aug Kater Blau, Berlin
05 Aug Garbicz Festival, Poland
08 Jul Klub Verboten, Berlin
25 Jun Catharsis, Berlin
18 Jun Weltspiele, Hannover
11 Jun ELSE, Berlin
29 May Aaja Deptford, London
20 May About Blank, Berlin
16 Apr Kater Blau, Berlin
15 Apr Else, Berlin
12 Apr Aeden, Berlin

04 Dec Hvlv, Kiev
27 Nov Kater Blau, Berlin
20 Nov Patterns of Perception at About Blank, Berlin
25 Sep Catharsis in the G.ARTn 2.0, Berlin
18 Sep Corner Klub, London
27 Aug STAUB Fest at H13, Spandau
07 Aug Catharsis in the G.ARTn, Berlin
28 Jul Arch 0.4 Redux at About Blank, Berlin
25 Jul Bipolar x Luchsus at G.ARTn, Berlin
26 Jun Rooms of Cairos at G.ARTn, Berlin