• Labels Mary Black, Discos Átonicos
  • Based Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Links Facebook SoundCloud Instagram Discogs

Imagine yourself, just another working day at interstellar space. You hop into your cosmic vehicle to zzzap from one universe to another. Turning on the atomic radio, you’re searching for a station that is on your wavelength. Between the fuzzy strangeness, you uncover something. There it is… Ultrastation.

A cosmic gamma ray channel in which the whole spectrum of levitating subsonic sounds are intertwined with heart-rhythm oscillations. It fills the void inside you, ready for lift off. Ultrastation, a newly formed duo consisting of Nuno dos Santos and Cosmic Force, is a radio station for interstellar space and their cosmonauts. Produced by two scientists who are specialized in Ultra sonic waves and subsonic consciousness.

After years spending hidden in their Telsa feeder Laboratory sending out all possible waves into the cosmos, here they are to present their music in form. Trippy techno, spaced out electro, quirky acid and everything between solidified channels is all to be expected from these two Dutch icons.

The first release will appear on Mary Go Black and a second one will be released in march 2019 on Discos Átonicos. Turn on, tune in, fly out.

04 Sep TBA, TBA
23 Jul Welcome to the Future, Amsterdam
25 Jun TBA, TBA (DE)
10 Jun De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
28 May Luxor Live, Arnhem
14 May De Havenloods, Utrecht
27 Apr Cartel at WesterUnie, Amsterdam
09 Apr Tivoli, Utrecht
27 Mar Bret, Amsterdam
18 Feb Tivoli, Utrecht

15 Aug Ultrastation at Bret, Amsterdam
07 Aug Have a Nice Day, Borculo
30 Jul Tivoli, Utrecht

23 Dec Helling, Utecht

31 Dec Ekko at De Nijverheid, Utrecht
07 Dec ART MACHINES at De Nijverheid, Utrecht
23 Nov Herfstdrift, Nijmegen
17 Oct BRET X Something Happening Somewhere, Amsterdam
10 Aug Paradigm Festival, Groningen
03 Aug Thuishaven, Amsterdam
14 Jul Wildeburg, Kraggenburg
22 Jun Melkweg, Amsterdam
26 May Thuishaven, Amsterdam
19 May Colorado Charlie, Scheveningen
16 Mar Melkweg, Amsterdam
02 Mar Mantis Festival, Utrecht
08 Feb Grasnapolsky, Groningen
11 Jan Sugar Factory, Amsterdam