• Labels Creatures Of The Night, Running Back, Correspondant, Permanent Vacation
  • Based Aguascalientes, Mexico
  • Links Twitter Facebook SoundCloud Instagram Resident Advisor Discogs

ZOMBIES IN MIAMI is a project created by Cani & Jenouise and despite the name they are not crawling around Miami, but shining out their light from Mexico. The couple became one of the most prominent members of Mexico‘s vital electronic scene over the last decade. You can call their sound a rhythmic and synth-driven house and techno hybrid, with a disco and balearic twist, which is held together by the oh so sweet Italo Drama.

After highly acclaimed EPs and tracks for such diverse labels as Gerd Janson’s Running Back, Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant, Prins Thomas’s Internasjonal they released their first album “2712” in Permanent Vacation.

They play regular in the top clubs in the world like Berghain / Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, Nitsa, Lux Fragil, Good Room, Vent and also festivals as Sonar, Fusion, Burning Man, Garbicz, Mutek and many more. They started their own label called Creatures of the Night. Besides Zombies in Miami they have another project influenced in techno & experimental live music called Planet ZIM. They are expecting to release this end of 2022 with an EP and playing some special Live Acts in Europe for 2023.

02 Jul TBA, TBA (BE)
30 Jun Lago Lago, NL
11 Jun TBA, TBA (DE)
09 Jun Gottwood, Wales
29 May TBA, TBA (ES)
27 May TBA, TBA (DE)
22 Apr Village Canindé. Sao Paulo
31 Mar Circus, Tokyo
24 Mar Savage, Hanoi
17 Mar Ritual, Singapore
04 Feb Mamba, Culiacan
03 Feb Bar Americas, Guadalajara
22 Jan Sunday Sunday, Mexico City
14 Jan Disco Radar, AGS
09 Jan Day Zero, Tulum
07 Jan Danza Futurista, Playa del Carmen
03 Jan Radical Incendia, Tulum


31 Dec Casa Cruxada, Cartagena
30 Dec Kaputt, Bogota
28 Dec Sonica, Cali
25 Dec Radio, Irapuato
17 Dec Majahuitas, Vallarta
16 Dec AMMA, Cancun
09 Dec Opium, Vilnius
03 Dec objekt klein a, Dresden
02 Dec Alter Ego, Wurzberg
01 Dec Slippers, Tel Aviv
26 Nov Renate, Berlin
25 Nov Blitz, Munich
24 Nov Macera, Madrid
19 Nov Crania, San Jose del Cabo
18 Nov Luzy Boom, Guadalajara
12 Nov Fixed, NY
11 Nov TBA, Philadelphia
01 Nov Shangai Cafe, Oaxaca
31 Oct Shanghai Café, Oaxaca
29 Oct Electric Halloween, Monterrey
28 Oct SAI-KÓ, San Miguel de Allende
15 Oct Creatures of the Night X Radio, Irapuato
14 Oct Creatures of the Night X Disco Radar, Aguascalientes
08 Oct Creatures of the Night X Funk, Mexico City
30 Sep Diente de León, Cholula
24 Sep TBA, Hermosillo
23 Sep Topaz Deluxe, Monterrey
18 Sep Wild Sundays, San Luis Potosí
17 Sep Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
16 Sep Funk, Mexico City
10 Sep MN Roy, Mexico City
03 Sep Vibra Festival, Tlaxcala
02 Sep Bar Americas, Guadalajara
27 Aug Blackout, Toluca
26 Aug Terraza Catedral, Mexico City
21 Aug El After del After, Chihuahua
19 Aug Algo Bien, Mexico City
06 Aug IsBurning x DOKA, Amsterdam
05 Aug Garbicz Festival, PL
23 Jul Georgies Wundergarten Festival, Amsterdam
16 Jul Jolene, Copenhagen
15 Jul Yaga Festival, Kukiskes
10 Jul Boiler Room, Vienna
09 Jul Lulla, Madrid
08 Jul Live at Human Razzmatazz, Barcelona
07 Jul Live at Rex, Paris
06 Jul Hi, Hamburg
02 Jul Objekt Klein A, Dresden
01 Jul Live Macadam, Nantes
26 Jun Live at Splot Sloneczny, Warsaw
25 Jun Live at Distillery, Leipzig
24 Jun Live at Robert Johnson, Offenbach
19 Jun Panorama Bar, Berlin
17 Jun Live at RIT/MO FESTIVAL, Granada
11 Jun Paralell, Milan
05 Jun Forum, Beer Sheeva
28 May Bar Romantica, Stuttgart
25 May Amour Festival by Bellona, Lyon
21 May Live at Folklor, Lausanne
20 May Paralell, Milan
19 May Live at Pontoon, Budapest
13 May Live at A La Folie, Paris