At Moment LP Out Now

Mano Le Tough is hopeful. After more than a decade of releases and touring, the Irish producer and DJ has spent the past year at home in Zurich, rearing his young family and focusing on the positives of fourteen months without performing, amid the uncertainty of the pandemic.

In the face of horror, Mano channelled inspiration. “I’ve always liked that Mallarmé quote, “poetry is the language of crisis”. It’s hard to make good music about everything being amazing. Everything is going great – who wants to listen to that? Anything I’ve done – anything which I thought had any kind of artistic merit, has been through struggles I’ve had in my life”. With ‘At The Moment’, those struggles have produced a record which balances the ambivalence of the current moment, with wistful streaks of unguarded optimism. Out now on Pamapa Records.