Banbantonton: Justin Strauss

“I’ve probably spent half my life in recording studios. A lot of that time collaborating with some amazing talented people and close friends. Rob Harris from Banbantonton who had previously interviewed me extensively on many of the clubs I had residencies at, asked me if we could talk more about my remix and production work and my experiences with Murray Elias, Eric Kupper, Chep Nuñez, Tuta Aquino, Daniel Abraham, Ivan Ivan, Frank Heller, Hugo Dwyer, Bryan Mette, Teddy Stuart, Max Pask, Soulwax, Joe Goddard, Marcus Marr and others who I’ve been fortunate enough to spend countless hours working on music with. I love the process of collaboration in the studio. It’s not always easy, but always worth it. I am so proud of the work I’ve done with all of them and wouldn’t trade a second of it.” Justin Strauss

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