BNJMN Joins Sweat Lodge

Rush Hours and Delsin’s artist BNJMN joins Sweat Lodge. Look out for a new release due out on Counterchange Fall 2016.

BNJMN burst onto the scene a few years ago with a strange and beguiling sound that married mechanical grooves to leftfield melodies. After serving up well received LPs and EPs on taste making labels such as Rush Hour and young imprints like Stolen Kisses, BNJMN turned the heads of the bosses at Delsin, Ninja Tune sublabel Technicolour and Astro:Dynamics with his newly emergent sounds.

As well as producing for those assured outlets – one of which was a collaboration with Opal Tapes man Best Available Technology – so too BNJMN conjured up some anonymous goodness on another Dutch label, as well as starting up his own imprint BRACK. He has since released on Dutch imprint and Creme Organization sub-label Jericho One, as well as recently putting out his heaviest and most dance floor orientated release to date with “Droid” on Delsin, which comes backed up with remixes from Inland and Cassegrain. Much more is expected later this year with the brit being as prolific as ever.

It’s fair to say BNJMN’s soundworld is a unique one, where old rules are broken and new ones are formed on the fly. It means the man’s music is vastly different from the norm and isn’t afraid to travel off into deep, dark corners of the electronic world, taking you with him all the way.