BRETT001: Inland

BRETT is a new label celebrating the co-dependent scenes of techno and contemporary art. A sub label of Inland’s Counterchange imprint, each edition will feature music selected by Ed Davenport (Inland / Counterchange), paired with cover art curated by Nils Petersen (Flipping The Coin). BRETT is dedicated to the spirit of Berlin’s early club scene, where cross-pollination and spirited discourse between musicians and visual artists etched the blueprints for a new techno-culture.

001 finds co-creator and long-time Berlin ex-pat Inland at the helm, delivering four surging, up-tempo club tools, plus 2 brainwave-activating noise experiments. Celebrated Irish-born artist Mariechen Danz provides a photograph of her visionary sculpture, ‘Statue for Gesticulation’, for the cover artwork. The towering super-human structure bears a multitude of nurturing hand gestures suggesting support, comfort and togetherness. Built from roughly textured grey concrete and resembling a technoid, monolithic bunker or industrial space in itself, the loving, humanist symbols of peaceful action mirror the culture of inclusion, love and acceptance practiced on the dance floor. Releases December 9, 2022.