Chymera: Noise Tool EP

Chymera needs little to no introduction, producing and releasing music since 2002 on a multitude of respected imprints like Cocoon, Delsin and Kompakt, he is not only an artist we all admire but also a very dear friend. In fact it was Chymera that introduced Mano and The Drifter to Baikal back in 2010, an introduction without which Maeve may not have happened at all. So it gives us great pleasure to welcome Chymera to Maeve and finally release some of his excellent work.

Noise Tool is a pair of techno cuts, each almost breaching 10 minutes and custom fit to the dancefloor dedicated sound Maeve has become known for. The title track, “Noise Tool”, leads you into a murky world of pulsating sounds and ominous synth lines, building anticipation at clever and intriguing pace. Sparse percussion slowly reveals the hypnotic groove to the listener culminating in a burst of energy that elevates the sound to peak-time-banger status.

On the flip, “1990”, takes a different turn to that of the A side, immediately setting a no nonsense tone with a feeling that something big is going to happen. Chymera has always been known for his distinct focus on melody and 1990 really shows this as several harmonious melodies intertwine to put the listener on the front foot. While beautiful pads give the dancefloor a moment of relief it isn’t long before a deep rolling bassline returns to bring the track to new heights.