Sweat Lodge Weekly

Monday Quarion and Iron Curtis for Retreat at IPSE in Berlin.

Friday Mano Le Tough at Kafes in Istanbul, Neil Flynn at Sub Club Cultural in Porto Alegre, The Drifter at Kater Blau in Berlin, and John Daly for MOVE at Electric Garden & Theatre in Galway.

Saturday Mano Le Tough for The Peacock Society Festival at Parc Floral De Paris in Paris, Inland at Index in Dublin, Redshape Live at Dali in Cork, Dauwd at The Reeds in Liverpool, Pisetzky at Studio 76 in Madrid, Jamaica Suk at Feel Festival in Bergheider See, Oliver Deutschmann at Geheimclub in Magdeburg, Nuno Dos Santos at Georgie’s Wuntergarten in Amsterdam, and Neil Flynn for Mitte at Indie Bar in Sao Paulo.