Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Sweat Lodge. See you around in the final events of 2017.

20 Dec Magna Pia at Mama in Istanbul

22 Dec Cassegrain Live at The Block in Tel Aviv, Lossless x Moroko Loko with Mathias Schober and Trikk at Amnesia in Rabat, and Pisetzky at The Sanctuary in Rome.

23 Dec Baikal at Folklor in Laussane, Ed Davenport at De Marktkantine in Amsterdam, Lossless with SBTH and Anthony Georges Patrice at Batofar in Paris, and Pisetzky at Fabrik in Castiglione del Lago.

24 Dec Shinedoe at Betty Cloud in Nuernberg, Cassegrain at About Blank in Berlin, Oliver Deutschmann at Lehmann Club in Stuttgart.

25 Dec Baikal and Aera for Dazed & Confused at Bayside Sports Comlex in Gibraltar, and Oliver Deutschmann at Distillery in Leipzig.

26 Dec Iron Curtis at Altes Wettbüro in Dresden, and Neil Flynn at The Celler Tramore in Waterford.

27 Dec Aera at La Cheetah Club in Glasgow.

28 Dec Cassegarin at Container in Paris

29 Dec Cassegrain Live at Unten in Linz.

30 Dec Mano Le Tough for RePublik in Waterford, and Nuno Dos Santos at Sugar Factory in Amsterdam.

31 Dec Mano Le Tough at E1 in London, The Drifter at 1896 in New York, Mattheis at Drift in Nijmegen, Oliver Deutschmann at Circle Club in Offenburg, Hunter/Game at Chalet in Berlin, Baikal at Kater Blau in Berlin, Cassegrain at Wilden Renate in Berlin, Iron Curtis at About Blank in Berlin, and Nuno Dos Santos for Loveland at Mediahaven in Amsterdam.

01 Jan Nuno Dos Santos at Thuishaven in Amsterdam, and Oliver Deutschmann at Kosmonaut in Berlin.