Sweat Lodge Weekly

Wednesday Jamaica Suk Live for Housepitality in San Francisco, and Rhyw at AND in Shanghai.

Thursday Oliver Deutschmann at Beit Maariv in Tel Aviv.

Friday Mano Le Tough and Mattheis Live at The Block in Tel Aviv, Cassegrain Live at Jasna 1 in Warsaw, BNJMN for PAG at Alphabet in Tel Aviv, and Oliver Deutschmann at Drifter’s Club in Freiburg.

Saturday Love Over Entropy Live at Sub Club in Glasgow, Hunter/Game at Playground Festival in Florianapolis, Magna Pia at Sonar in Istanbul, Nuno Dos Santos at Shelter in Amsterdam, Jamaica Suk at IONIC in Los Angeles, and Oliver Deutschmann at Musikbunker in Aachen.

Sunday Nuno Dos Santos at Woodstock69 in Bloemendaal.

The show with Mano Le Tough at Spacehall in Tbilisi is postponed due to venue issues.