Sweat Lodge Weekly

Friday Baikal at Public Works in San Francisco, Cassegrain Live for Stranger at My Aeon in Melbourne, Nuno Dos Santos at Badaboum in Paris, Iron Curtis at Unten in Linz, John Daly for MOVE at Electric Garden & Theatre in Galway, and J.Suk at Mensch Meier in Berlin.

Saturday Ed Davenport for Minimum at Modul in Moscow, Hunter/Game at Projekt Pralina in Wroclaw, Aera at Zukunft in Zurich, The Drifter and Oliver Deutschmann at Volt in Milan, Baikal at Open Studios in Vancouver, Cassegrain Live for Darkroom, Something Else,Charades Live at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney, and in Berlin Jamaica Suk for Pornceptual at Alte Münze, and Iron Curtis at Kater Blau.