Sweat Lodge Weekly

Tuesday BNJMN for Encore.une.Fois at Suicide Circus in Berlin.

Wednesday Baikal for Clinic at Couture in Los Angeles.

Thursday Mano Le Tough at The Block in Tel Aviv, and Baikal for Un_mute at Treehouse in Miami.

Friday Mano Le Tough for HAïKU at Yoyo Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Inland at Korner in Taipei, Shinedoe at Freaky Deaky in Prato, Aera at Kilo Lounge in Singapore, Baikal at Flash in DC, and Magna Pia at Mensch Meier in Berlin.

Saturday Mano Le Tough for SQ at Stara Rzeznia in Poznan, Honey Dijon at Contact in Tokyo, Just This with Hunter/Game, Locked Groove, and Woo York Live at Watergate in Berlin, Something Happening Somewhere with Nuno Dos Santos, Baikal, and Love Over Entropy Live for Fiction in Brooklyn, Shinedoe and Oliver Deutschmann at Folies Pigalle in Paris, Inland at Vurt in Seoul, Aera at BEAM in Bangkok.

Sunday Mano Le Tough at Panorama Bar in Berlin.