Sweat Lodge Weekly

Monday Mano Le Tough at Electric Island in Toronto.

Thursday Locked Groove for Afterlife at Privilege in Ibiza, Mano Le Tough at Sziget Festival and Boat Party in Budapest.

Friday Honey Dijon at Moni in Mykonos, Hunter/Game at Le Rive di Traiano in Terracina, Mano Le Tough at DGTL Festival in Barcelona, and Magna Pia at Suicide Circus in Berlin.

Saturday Mano Le Tough and Nuno Dos Santos at Paradigm Festival in Groningen, The Drifter at DGTL Festival in Barcelona, BNJMN at Nothing But Techno in Dallas, Love Over Entropy Live at Muziekpark in Boxmeer, Oliver Deutschmann at Veto Social Club in Ibiza, and in Berlin Baikal at Sisyphos, Adam Marshall at Watergate, and Eric Cloutier at Pornceptual.