Sweat Lodge Weekly

Wednesday Honey Dijon in a speaking engagement at King’s Collage in London.

Friday The Block for Superstition with Cassegrain, Inland Live, Partok, Pharoh & Yogg at Village Underground in London, Locked Groove for Electric Circus at La Suite in Lille, and Aera for ÆTHER at Die Rakete in Nuremberg.

Friday Honey Dijon at Slakhuset in Stockholm, The Drifter for Broeikas at Graanbeurs in Breda, Oliver Deutschmann at Veto Social Club in Ibiza, and Love Over Entropy Live for Sleeptouw Festival at Muzentuin in Tilburg.

Sunday Farrago Festival says hello to Berlin with Barbara Hofmann, Locked Groove, Barnt, Mattheis Live, Nuno Dos Santos, Paul & The Hungry Wolf, Samsa at About Blank. Honey Dijon at Mondo in Madrid, Eric Cloutier at Berghain and John Daly at Panorama Bar in Berlin