Sweat Lodge Weekly

Thursday Honey Dijon at SXM Festival in St-Martin Island, and Love Over Entropy Live at The Block in Tel Aviv.

Friday Mano Le Tough at Nitsa in Barcelona, Aera at Elevator in Shanghai, Locked Groove at Hive in Zurich, Cassegrain Live at Six Dogs in Athens, Eric Cloutier at Discoteca Ypsilon in Florence, and The Drifter doubles at D-Edge in São Paulo and The Drifter at Club 88, Campinas.

Saturday Mano Le Tough for PIXI at Chytirio in Athens, Just This with Hunter/Game, Pisetzky, and Locked Groove at Nitsa in Barcelona, Oliver Deutschmann at Veto Social Club in Ibiza, Nuno Dos Santos at Volt in Milan, The Drifter at Warung in Itajai, Aera at Jiro in Kuala Lumpur, Inland at Tresor in Berlin.