Sweat Lodge Weekly

Friday Mano Le Tough at Audio in Geneva, Shinedoe at LaTerrrazza in Barcelona, Justin Van Der Volgen at Analog in Brooklyn, The Drifter at Das Lokal in Wroclaw, and Alex Dallas, Locked Groove, and Quarion at Wilden Renate in Berlin, and Chymera at Chalet in Berlin.

Saturday Mano Le Tough day appearance at Soenda Festival in Utrecht, Maeve with Mano Le Tough, Baikal, The Drifter, Ed Davenport, Adam Marshall, and guests at Funkhaus Berlin, Just This with Cassegrain Live, Hunter/Game, and Pisetzky at Nitsa in Barcelona, Redshape Live for Monopolar Open Air at Saalgärten in Jena, Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb for Cityfox at The Brooklyn Mirage in Brooklyn, and Aera at Papaya Playa Project in Tulum.

Sunday Iron Curtis at PAL in Hamburg, and Nuno Dos Santos for 7th Sunday Festival in Veghel.