Sweat Lodge Weekly

Friday Inland at Le Zoo in Geneva, Shinedoe at BEAM in Bangkok, Aera at Volt in Milan, The Drifter at Bungalow in Augsburg, and Locked Groove and Pisetzky at BobBeaman in Munich.

Saturday Love Over Entropy Live at Gewölbe in Cologne, Hunter/Game at Volt in Milan, Alex Dallas at Folklor in Laussane, and in Berlin Sweat Lodge with Cassegrain, John Daly, Baikal, Nuno dos Santos, Locked Groove, Mattheis, Quarion, Chymera, Pisetzky, BNJMN, Mathias Schober & Thomas Herb (SBTH), Neil Flynn, Lil’Dave, Gene On Earth, Sara Miller at About Blank, and The Drifter and Adam Marshall at Wilden Renate.

Sunday Inland at Berghain in Berlin.