Sweat Lodge Weekly

Friday Mano Le Tough at Gewölbe in Cologne, Shinedoe at The Block in Tel Aviv, Hunter/Game at Watergate in Berlin, Aera at Beton Brut in Seoul, The Drifter for Schöne neue Welt at So&So in Leipzig, and Nuno Dos Santos at EKKO in Utrecht.

Saturday Mano Le Tough at Robert Johnson in Offenbach, Hunter/Game for Afterlife at PassPort Kεραμεικός in Athens, Aera at Glow in Bangkok, Iron Curtis at Mødular in Cape Town, Nuno Dos Santos at Radion in Amsterdam, Pisetzky at Volt in Milan, and in Berlin The Drifter at Chalet, BNJMN at Wilden Renate, and Oliver Deutschmann at Birgit&Bier.

Sunday Mano Le Tough at Panorama Bar in Berlin, and Iron Curtis at Yours Truly Up yours in Cape Town.