Sweat Lodge Weekly

Wednesday Hunter/Game at Alemagou in Mykonos.

Thursday Shinedoe at Gem Fest in Anaklia.

Friday Honey Dijon, Hunter/Game, and Oliver Deutschmann at Gem Fest in Anaklia, Maeve hosted by HAïKU with Mano Le Tough, Baikal, The Drifter, and Aera Live at La Clairière in Paris, Cassegrain at The Gate in Batumi, Love Over Entropy Live at Potato Head in Bali.

Saturday Sweat Lodge with The Drifter, John Daly Live, Mattheis at Nitsa in Barcelona, Inland, Cassegrain & Tin Man Live, and Nuno Dos Santos at Gem Fest in Anaklia, Love Over Entropy at Kilo Lounge in Singapore, Quarion at K4 Garden in Szczecin, Iron Curtis​ at Houseflug​ Open Air, Altmühlsee, and Oliver Deutschmann at Suicide Circus in Berlin.

Sunday Mano Le Tough at Nation of Gondwana in Grünefeld, Aera at Gem Fest in Anaklia, Locked Groove for KlankFest at Vooruit in Gent.