Sweat Lodge Weekly

Wednesday Pisetzky for PLSTC x WMC at Trade in Miami.

Friday Mano Le Tough for Ampere Goes Contrair in Antwerp, Oliver Deutschmann at Moderat Aftershow in Tbilisi, The Drifter, Nuno Dos Santos, Aera at Wilden Renate in Berlin, Cassegarin & Tin Man Live at Villa Rouge in Montpelier, Iron Curtis and Quarion at Tante Emma and Cloud 9 in Innsbruck, and Love Over Entropy Live for Warm Up at The Steelyard in London.

Saturday Maeve with Mano Le Tough, Baikal, The Drifter, and Ed Davenport Live at Village Underground in London, Honey Dijon doubles at Delano Hotel in Miami and at Smart Bar in Chicago, Eric Cloutier at Schlachthaus in Tübingen, Chymera Live for Over & Out in Bangalore, and in Berlin Iron Curtis at Wilden Renate and Oliver Deutschmann at Birgit & Beer.