Sweat Lodge Weekly

Wednesday Honey Dijon at TV Bar in Detroit.

Friday Something Happening Somewhere with Nuno Dos Santos, Love Over Entropy Live and guests at Tivoli in Utrecht, Shinedoe at Moloko in Panama, BNJMN for Pride Of Gombe x Rye Wax in London, and Alex Dallas at Hive in Zurich.

Saturday Cassegrain at Insolate in Osijek, Honey Dijon at Smart Bar in Chicago, Shinedoe at Antena Festival in Quito, Oliver Deutschmann at Brin de Zinc in Barberaz, Nuno Dos Santos at Folklor in Lausanne, Mattheis at Shelter in Amsterdam, and Pisetzky at Nowhere in Bergamo.

Sunday Love Over Entropy at Kater Blau in Berlin.