Sweat Lodge Weekly

Monday Mano Le Tough at Sonus Festival in Pag, and Honey Dijon for Circoloco at DC10 in Ibiza.

Thursday Mano Le Tough for Limelight at Gotha in Cannes.

Friday Baikal for Summer Ribbon in Terracina, Zukunft with Alex Dallas and Kalabrese at Badaboum in Paris, BNJMN at Be Uncensored in Thessaloniki, The Drifter at Bora Bora in Gammarth, and Nuno Dos Santos at Kater Blau in Berlin.

Saturday Mano Le Tough at Lux in Lisbon, Honey Dijon at Rex in Paris, Oliver Deutschmann at Universal D.O.G. in Lahr, Baikal at De Marktkantine in Amsterdam, Love Over Entropy Live and Mattheis at Voltt Festival in Amsterdam, Adam Marshall at K4 Garden in Szczecin, and Locked Groove at Wilden Renate in Berlin.

Sunday Mano Le Tough and The Drifter at Woodstock69 in Bloemendaal, Oliver Deutschmann at WHOLE Festival in Bergheider See, Chymera Live for Connaisseur Openair at Sage Beach in Berlin, Oliver Deutschmann at Feel Festival Afterparty at Suicide Circus in Berlin, and Nuno Dos Santos at Thuishaven​ at Amsterdam.