Sweat Lodge Weekly

Monday Pharaoh B2B Yogg for Parallax release party at Alphabet in Tel Aviv.

Wednesday in Berlin Inland Live hosting Rhyw, Magna Pia, and Efdemin at Berghain for the “An Invitation to Disappear” album launch, and Quarion for Thrill Walk x RTS.FM at Suicide Circus.

Thursday Iron Curtis at Zukunft in Zurich.

Friday Mano Le Tough at Sub Club in Glasgow, Jamaica Suk at Beton Brut in Seoul, Shinedoe at Hum Club in Pereira, Mattheis for Nous’klaer Audio at BAR in Rotterdam, Inland at Luna in Kiel, Pharaoh B2B Yogg at The Block in Tel Aviv, and Thomas Herb for Compost at Bahnwärter Thiel in Munich.

Saturday Mano Le Tough at Boxed Off in Ratoath and afterparty at District 8 in Dublin, Shinedoe at Elemental Festival in Cali, Cassegrain at Suma Beach in Istanbul, Iron Curtis at Folklor in Lausanne, Justin Van Der Volgen at La Milagrosa in Brooklyn, and Oliver Deutschmann at Laverie de Tank in Offenburg.

Sunday Nuno Dos Santos at Blijburg in Amsterdam.