Sweat Lodge Weekly

Friday Mano Le Tough for Tweak_ at La Belle Angele in Edinburgh, Honey Dijon for Anima at Oltrecafé in Soliera, Locked Groove at Groove on the Grass in Dubai, Cassegarin at Vurt in Seoul, The Drifter at Glamorama in Melbourne, Shinedoe at Kilo Lounge in Singapore, Pisetzky for Materia.fm, Prague, and BNJMN at Alphabet in Tel Aviv.

Saturday Mano Le Tough All Night at District 8 in Dublin, Honey Dijon at scru:club in Birmingham, Baikal and Alex Dallas at Zukunft in Zurich, Hunter/Game at Halle W in Geneva, Quarion Live at Futurum Music Bar in Prague, Nuno Dos Santos for Next Monday’s Hangover at Het Sieraad in Amsterdam and at Unbound in Den Haag, Locked Groove at Summer House Cafe in Mumbai, Cassegarin at Vent in Tokyo, The Drifter at Club 77 in Sydney, Shinedoe at Air Festival in Gili Air Island, and Pisetzky at Volt in Milan.