Sweat Lodge Weekly

Wednesday Honey Dijon for Rescued By Love at Disco Chicago.

Friday Maeve with Mano Le Tough, Baikal, The Drifter at Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Honey Dijon at The Block in Tel Aviv, Pisetzky at Tokyo Bar in Thessaloniki, Rhyw at Into The Woods in Los Angeles, Alex Dallas at BLITZ in Munich, and in Berlin Inland and BNJMN at About Blank, and Iron Curtis for Hoch die Tassen Afterhour at Goldengate.

Saturday Inland at Bassiani in Tbilisi, Pisetzky for PIXI in Athens, Rhyw at Nothing But Techno in Dallas, Alex Dallas at Supermarket in Zurich, and in Berlin Locked Groove at OST, Magna Pia at About Blank, Quarion at Sisyphus, Iron Curtis at Wilden Renate, and Neil Flynn at Farbfernseher.

Sunday Oliver Deutschmann at Berghain in Berlin, and Honey Dijon at Thuishaven in Amsterdam.

* Cityfox NYC planed for Dec 2nd with Baikal, The Drifter, Love Over Entropy to be rescheduled.