Sweat Lodge Weekly

Monday Magna Pia Live for Dystopian at Arena in Berlin.

Tuesday Mano Le Tough for Fayer in Valencia, and Hunter/Game at Goethebunker in Essen.

Thursday Quarion at Cafe Domina in Nagoya, and Hunter/Game at Aura in New Delhi.

Friday Mano Le Tough at Nitsa in Barcelona, Baikal at Dada in Beijing, Aera in LoLiTa at Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Mattheis at Revolver Upstairs in Melbourne, Hunter/Game at Drop in Mumbai, and in Berlin Ed Davenport for WERK at About Blank, and Oliver Deutschmann at Chalet.

Saturday Mano Le Touh for Afterlife at Printworks in London, Baikal at Loopy in Hangzhou, Quarion at Contact in Tokyo, Pisetzky at The Sanctuary in Rome, and Nuno Dos Santos at Hoop in Den Haag.

Sunday Baikal at Elevator in Shanghai.