This Week on Sweat Lodge

Wednesday Honey Dijon for Knee Deep at Pacha in Barcelona.

Thursday Mano Le Tough for Afterlife at Plaza Mayor in Barcelona.

Friday Just This with KiNK, Gerd Janson, Hunter/Game, Redshape, Etapp Kyle, Locked Groove, and Pisetzky at Almogavers 86, in Barcelona, Honey Dijon for Superstition at Village Underground in London, Eric Cloutier at Hangover in Guangzhou, Nuno Dos Santos for We Are Electric Weekender at E3 Strand in Eindhoven, Alex Dallas at Nordstern in Basel, and in Berlin Counterchange with Ed Davenport, BNJMN, and Cassegrain for Synoid at Griessmühle, Shinedoe at Tresor, and Oliver Deutschmann for Buttons at About Blank.

Saturday Maeve with Mano Le Tough, Isolée Live, Baikal, and The Drifter at Nitsa in Barcelona, Quarion at Beam in Bangkok, Eric Cloutier at Rooftop in Chengdu, Love Over Entropy Live at Mystic Garden festival in Amsterdam, Locked Groove at Open Air Cinema in Larisa, and Nuno Dos Santos at Best Kept Secret in Hilvarenbeek.

Sunday Locked Groove and Live Over Entropy Live for Lunar at Wanderlust in Paris.