This Week on Sweat Lodge

Wednesday Hunter/Game for Clinic at Couture in Los Angeles.

Thursday Hunter/Game for You’re Welcome at Monarch in San Francisco.

Friday Baikal, Locked Groove, and The Drifter for Komm Schon Alter at Warehouse Elementenstraat in Amsterdam, Chymera Live at Kilo Lounge in Singapore, Pisetzky at Gatto Nero in Palermo, and Hunter/Game for 301 Nightlife and SMG Events at 301 Lounge in El Paso.

Saturday Cassegrain play Live for for About Zukunft at Institut fuer Zukunft in Leipzig, Just This with Baikal and Landside at Volt in Milan, Chymera Live for Substance at Jiro in Kuala Lumpur, and Hunter/Game at Good Room in Brooklyn.

Sunday Honey Dijon at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.