Der Ausbruch: arch

In early 2022 accomplished German film composer and producer Hannah von Hübbenet teamed up with British DJ & producer Ed Davenport to score the soundtrack for a 90-minute documentary charting the outbreak of a new, now infamous virus.

‘Der Ausbruch’ is the album version of the soundtrack, spanning 15 tracks, extended and embellished in places to the listener’s delight. Fusing unique electronic textures, drones, and percussion with violin, cello, and piano, the pair construct a rich electro-acoustic world where melancholic harmonies and futuristic atmospheres run parallel to one another.

Hannah & Ed also recruited the skills of a close colleague, Hüseyin Evirgen aka Magna Pia, to help create some of the deep synthetic layers found in the film. The result is the haunting ambient piece ‘Sequence Release,’ featuring Evirgen’s trademark analog synth and FX chain.