digitalPride: Pornceptual X Verboten X PAG TLV…

Sweat Lodge affiliate collectives Klub Verboten and PAG TLV join friends Pornceptual, Popoff Kitchen and Dando for Digital Pride.

Join us in a global celebration of Pride month. A collective interactive experience featuring DJ sets, art performances and a discussion panel.

Isolated, but together. Distant, but connected. 2020 has been like no other year. With the majority of physical pride events being cancelled and many LGBTQI+ people in lockdown, it is now more important than ever to be as loud as possible and unite with members of our community. The digital space is not an unknown territory for many LGBTQI+ people, as these were the spaces where many of us took the first steps in exploring our identities. It has allowed us to find and bond with a community in a safer environment.

With this in mind, we will gather for the first time five queer sex-positive collectives from different countries and continents – including Moscow, Berlin, Tel Aviv, London and São Paulo – for a virtual Pride event. We will together host an online event representing solidarity, identity, collectivity and resistance to violence and discrimination.

On Friday (26.06), as a remembrance that Pride started as a riot against police brutality, led by trans women of colour, we will invite different activists for a discussion panel that will address different political strategies on how to raise awareness and fight for change. This event will be free of charge.

Following that, on Saturday (27.06) we will also celebrate with a virtual live cam 2 cam event, inviting our guests to express their sexuality in a kinky online event, including eight DJ sets and twelve art performers.

Generating awareness and funds for queer causes that benefit the LGBTQI+ community are Prides truest values and even with the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to stand together. Virtually and collectively.

Participating Collectives: Pornceptual (Berlin) | Klub Verboten(London) | PAG TLV (Tel Aviv) | Dando (São Paulo) | Popoff Kitchen (Moscow)

Donations collected during the event will be donated to support a queer emergency fund for black trans protestors participating in the Black Lives Matter protests.

18:00 São Paulo
22:00 London
23:00 Berlin
00:00 Tel Aviv + Moscow

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Full Line Up and Panel Details to be announced.

This is an 21+ event