Essence Of Time: STÜM

“Loves Love” jettisoned STÜM into 2024 and now “Beautiful Dancers” is here to take him ever higher.

As the second single off his forthcoming Essence Of Time EP, “Beautiful Dancers” is a blissful yet haunting take on techno. This track is total club rapture made up of ghostly vocal calls, static-like percussion and howling wind effects. A record of mixed emotions, pleasure and pain all blended up into 6 plus minutes.

Speaking on the tune, STÜM says “The songwriting process involved juxtaposing the organic with the synthetic weaving together contrasting sounds to mirror the duality of human emotion.”

Third in line is “Limbo”, a heaving acid hit full of hypnotic foreign instruments and vocals. This one gives off a massive street party feeling. From there we head to “Escape” a more dreamy and introspective bell-tone tune. A deliberate breather from STÜM before storming into the title track of the EP.

“Essence Of Time” is a shimmering rave piece. Dulcet piano intertwines with airy effects and hammering synths – another excellent example of STÜM’s ability to blend light and shade all at once.